Siena - Albany Medical College

A joint acceptance program between Siena College and Albany Medical College, the first of its kind in the country, places emphasis on humanities, ethics and social service. Students accepted into this program earn a B.A. degree from Siena after four years and an M.D. degree from Albany Medical College upon completion of the medical curriculum. Successful completion of all undergraduate degree requirements is necessary before matriculation into medical school.

In addition to the traditional science courses, students in Siena-AMC program will take more humanities courses at Siena than in traditional premedical programs. Included in the curriculum are courses in philosophy, medical ethics, medical sociology and health care communications. Through this coursework, interactions with faculty and personal experiences, students learn that every medical issue has an ethical dimension which requires a broadly educated physician.

Summer of Service
A unique feature of the Siena-AMC program is the summer of service.

  • Between junior and senior years at Siena, students engage in nonmedical work with the disadvantaged in areas of need in the United States or developing nations.
  • Following the second year of medical school, students engage in medically oriented experiences in rural or inner city clinics.

Competitive high school applicants have strong academics and involvement in a diverse group of activities. Of equal importance is the student's demonstrated concern for others and for the community as exhibited in volunteer activities. Personal characteristics of the successful applicant include maturity, motivation, organizational talent and leadership skills.  Must be a US Resident to apply.

How to Apply
High school seniors interested in this program must initially file an application with Siena College by November 15 of their senior year. Those candidates who are selected for interview will receive an application from Albany Medical College. Offers of acceptance are jointly offered by both schools. Satisfactory academic performance at Siena and a continued commitment to the goals of the program will ensure a smooth progression from the undergraduate school to the medical school. 

MEET The Advisor 

Larow image

Edward LaRow, Ph.D. is Siena's Health Professions Advisor.  He provides information about careers in the health professions and assists students in achieving their career goals.  LaRow oversees twelve cooperative programs in medicine, dentistry, optometry and podiatry. He is also the Director of the Siena/Albany Medical College Program in Science, Humanities and Medicine which is a joint eight-year program leading to the M.D. degree. 

In the Spring of 2008 LaRow was awarded an honorary degree from Albany Medical College for his years of service and dedication to the Siena-AMC program. (more )

For additional information about health professions, please contact Dr. Ed LaRow at 518-783-2457 or