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Laptop Purchase Program (Students)

Dell Lattitude Laptop

Siena College and Dell have a process that allows students, faculty, and staff to purchase a computer from Dell for their personal use. When possible configurations are available to provide students with a computer that will be powerful enough to meet their computing needs for the next four years and beyond. 

Important Information

  • The configuration does not include antivirus software. We strongly recommend you install the free program Microsoft Security Essentials (or other antivirus) as soon as you set up your computer at home. If you have no antivirus, you cannot log on to Siena's student network.
  • Microsoft Office 2013 Trial Edition is included, which is free for 90 days.  However, Microsoft has a special deal for students:  a full version of Office 360 University -- including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and other parts of the Office suite -- for $79.99. (Not available for the Mac).
  • You must  use the "Go to Dell Computer" link below to get special pricing on the system.  You will not get the pricing by calling Dell directly.
  • Apple also offers computer discounts to students on their Education Web Page. Note: prices do not include Office 2011 for the Mac.  Repair and support is only covered for a limited time.
  • Whatever computer you buy, it is strongly recommended you purchase an extended warranty. Make sure the warranty includes coverage for accidental damage.

Dell Purchase Plan

Go to Dell Computer 
On the bottom of the page,  you'll see links to computers. Click on them to get the discounts.

Note:  Dell sometimes offers additional discounts.  
Click on the icon for "Deals"; additional discounts will be indicated above the pictures of the computers.

 Dell Siena Page (click on Recommended Business Systems)

Important!  Contact Dell Computer for on-site hardware repair. 

Answers to common questions are in the Purchase Program FAQs, or call Dell at 1-888-973-3355 (Remember:  they can only answer general questions, not the details of the package).  To customize the package, click on the "Customize" button.

Important! --DO NOT ship the computer to a Siena College Address.

 Dell Laptop Purchase Program

This program is provided as a service for the Siena College Community. This is not an endorsement of Dell Computer.