Stocks & Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities or stock can be one of the most advantageous ways of giving. If your gift of stock has been owned for more than one year, the full fair market value of the stock may be deducted as a charitable contribution, bypassing all capital gains taxes.
How would I make a gift of marketable securities to Siena College?
  1. Decide on the size of your gift in terms of the number of shares you wish to transfer (remember, any appreciated marketable security – e.g., stock – skips all capital gains taxes if contributed to Siena.)
  2. Select a brokerage firm from the list below to transfer the stock. Instruct your broker to make the transfer to Siena’s account at the firm you have selected.
  3. Contact the Siena College Development Office at (518) 782-2432 or e-mail to notify us that you have made a gift of stock and which firm the stock was transferred.  This step is crucial because Siena will not be aware of your gift until you let us know.


 Brokerage Firm 
 Siena Account #  
Janney Montgomery Scott LLC 
Brian Enright
Merrill Lynch
Ed Nolan (Jennifer Nolan)
Wells Fargo Advisors LLC
Samuel Maltbie


Office of Development and External Affairs
Please contact Jack Sise, Esq.'75 , Director of Gift Planning, at (518) 783-2432 for further information regarding Gifts of Appreciated Securities.