Transportation to Volunteer Sites

Would you like get involved in community service but need transportation? The Franciscan Center has a Volunteer Vehicle available for your use. Please observe the following guidelines for requesting and signing out a vehicle.

Volunteer Car Guidelines

  1. Students MUST BE either a Junior or Senior to drive a volunteer car or van.
  2. Before using one of the Franciscan Center Volunteer Cars, fill out a Volunteer Car Request Form (upper & lower portion).
  3. The upper portion of the Volunteer Car Request Form should be submitted to the Franciscan Center. The lower portion of the Volunteer Car Request Form (with a copy of your valid drivers’ license) should be submitted to the Safety and Security Department, particularly for first time users.
  4. Check-in with the Safety and Security Staff (located in Haas Maintenance Building – near the Townhouse Complex) to find out which Volunteer Car you have been assigned. Fill in all the headings on the sign-out sheet of the Volunteer Car Book. Each car has its own sheet. Fill in your full name, time out, mileage, and volunteer placement and location. Be sure that the beginning mileage written on the sheet is from the odometer of the car assigned to you.
  5. Please use the Volunteer Car only for the time period that you have requested and confirmed for. If you need to adjust your time period, please contact the Franciscan Center, 783-2333.
  6. When returning the Volunteer Car, record the mileage assigned on the car. Be sure to return the car on time so that those using it after you will not be delayed for their volunteer placement. Failure in prompt returns may necessitate revoking your privilege to use the car. If an emergency causes you to be late, please contact Security, 783-2376.
  7. Report any minor or major accident and/or any mechanical difficulty to Safety & Security AND to the Franciscan Center. This is absolutely mandatory.
  8. There is no need to put gas in the car. All the cars will be checked and filled by the Franciscan Center. If, however, gas is low, please alert the Franciscan Center.
  9. The insurance and registration cards are in the glove compartment.
  10. The Volunteer Cars are for the sole purpose of assisting volunteers who do not have access to other means of transportation. They are not for personal errands. Use of the Siena Volunteer Car is a privilege, not a right.
  11. Please keep the Volunteer Car clean. Take any garbage or refuse with you.
  12. Drive safely and observe all the "rules of the road".