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Director's Notes


 2012 Election Results

 Siena College. …went six-for-six in its final congressional polls, correctly predicting the outcome in several closely watched races and bolstering its reputation among New York’s high-profile pollsters. Siena also called three of the three state Senate races it polled. Local races are difficult to poll accurately, and many public pollsters avoid them.
-Crain’s Insider

SRI’s polling was near perfect in Tuesday’s election.

From the end of August until the election, SRI conducted 30 separate polls in New York (28), Connecticut and Pennsylvania and interviewed over 20,000 voters.

During the last ten days leading up to the election, SRI polled on the Presidential and United States Senate Race in New York, Congressional Races in 6 districts (11, 19, 21, 24, 25, 27) and three New York State Senate races (43, 46, 55).

SRI’s final polls called the winner correctly and the winning margin with the poll margin of error in 9 of 11 races and in the other two that SRI had shown to be either tied (CD 24) or razor thin (SD 46), SRI’s poll was well within the margin of error.

We are proud of our success, accuracy and contribution to the process and the college’s reputation.

Dr. Don Levy, Director






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