The Modern Languages and Classics Department urges all incoming students to consider studying a foreign language as part of their Siena educational experience. Knowing another language helps students in whatever field they choose to study. In addition, Siena’s curriculum stresses an appreciation for diversity in human experience. Studying a language is an important part of that process.

Languages offered are: Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Russian and Spanish. Majors in Classics, French and Spanish. Minors in Classics, French, German, Greek, Latin, and Spanish.

General language course sequence:   Fall - 101/201/301     Spring - 102/202/302

In general, if students  are out of sequence, they should not take the higher level course. They should wait until the next semester to continue language study.

There are sections of Span 102 and 202 offered in the Fall this year.

Departments/Programs/Certificate at Siena requiring language proficiency:

Departments: English, Philosophy, History, American Studies and Education have a two semester foreign language requirement.

Programs: Globalization Studies minor: requirement of language knowledge at a 202 level.
Certificate: International Studies Foreign Languages and Business Certificate require two courses beyond the intermediate level, or the equivalent background.
Requirements for Majors & Minors

MAJORS: 30credits, beyond 102   MINORS: 18 credits, beyond  102

Language Course Placement

AP Exams taken in high school: If students receive a score of 4 or 5, they are given 3 credits for a 201 equivalent.

College courses in high school: If students  have credit for 201 and/or 202  they should take 301(fall) or 302(spring).

Native speakers of the language to be studied require consultation with department chair for appropriate placement.

CLEP Exams: Students  may receive up to 6 credits in French, German or Spanish based on the exam score.


AMSL: American Sign Language (101-102).
This counts for language requirement for English and Education. It does not count for language requirement for History, American Studies or Philosophy.

Fundamentals (101-102)- Arabic (under ATDV 250)/ FREN/ GERM/ GREK/ ITAL/ LATN/ RUSS/ SPAN: elementary level. For students with 1 or 2 years of previous study in high school and whose grades were not strong.

Intermediate (201-202)- Arabic (under ATVD 250)/ FREN/ GERM/ GREK/ ITAL/ LATN/ RUSS /SPAN: For those with 2 or 3 years of high school language study or 2 semesters of college credit.

Conversation/ Communication (301-302): Arabic (under ATDV 250)/ FREN/ GERM/ ITAL/ RUSS/ SPAN: For students with at least 4 or 5 years of strong language study or 201 and/or 202 transfer credit.

Advanced Courses in all languages - grammar, culture, literature, cinema, independent study- and special topic courses -see college catalogue