Sage Grad School Agreement

An agreement between Siena College and Sage Graduate School affords Siena graduates who have completed our secondary certification program automatic acceptance to a Masters Degree program in Elementary Education, Health Education, Guidance and Counseling, Reading, Special Education, and Reading/Special Education. Siena students who do not enter our secondary certification program can still receive automatic acceptance in the programs listed by completing an acceptable series of courses at Siena with a recommendation from Siena Education department faculty.

Advantages of this collaborative agreement include:

  • Automatic acceptance in the programs listed above for students completing an acceptable series of courses at Siena with a recommendation from Siena faculty;

  • Waiver of the application fee;

  • Early acceptance;

  • Graduate advisor beginning in the senior year;

  • Advisement to coordinate undergraduate electives and coursework to reduce or eliminate prerequisites in the graduate program;

  • Automatic acceptance, with completed application, into the one-year, paid internship program;

  • Opportunity to apply early for Graduate Assistantships in Sage Graduate School;

  • Free state-mandated Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse Workshop ($10 materials fee) for students who are granted early acceptance into Sage Graduate School who have not already completed it;

  • Access to non-credit courses in American Sign Language;

  • Assistance in obtaining certification in New York and all other states.

For further information and
application form, please contact:

Dr. Ralph DiMarino
Director of Field Experiences
Siena College
515 Loudon Rd.
Loudonville, NY 12211
Phone: 518-783-4122

For information regarding specific
Sage graduate programs, please contact:

Mary Grace Luibrand
Professional Advisor for Teacher Education Programs
The Sage Colleges
45 Ferry Street
Troy, NY 12180
Phone: 518-244-4578