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Speed Interviewing Puts Students on Fast Track for Success

Monday, February 28, 2011

By Cameron Hawkins '11

The Siena College Career Center and the Bonner Foundation helped Siena students prepare for survival in the competitive job market by hosting a “speed interviewing” night. Speed interviewing placed students in front of employers from various industries and asked them to handle different interview scenarios at a rapid pace.

Students from all majors signed up for the event, which was designed to help them gain experience by practicing their communication skills with prospective employers. The event consisted of one-on-one, Skype and panel interviews, a job fair scenario and a group problem solving session.

“I thought each of those scenarios was very real world and that it would be helpful for students to experience that,” said Associate Director of the Career Center Suzanne O’Connor.

Many of the participants were Bonner Scholars who commit to community service with the same non-profit organization for their four years as Siena students. They were able to use what they learned to help with their professional development.The students interviewed for pretend entry level positions, such as project development coordinator, assistant program director and project manager.


Each interview lasted about 10 minutes and was followed by a feedback session with the professionals. Employers included some non-profit agencies from the Capital Region such as The Peter Young Foundation and Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless, and for-profit companies such as Northwestern Mutual and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

 “I was very pleased with the reaction of the employers. They were happy to be here, they were very impressed with our students,” said O’Connor. “I heard a few say, ‘I wish I could hire the people I met.’”

 For more information on upcoming events and developing professional skills, visit the Siena College Career Center Website, /www2.siena.edu/careercenter.



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