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Internet Radio Gives Voice to Students

Monday, March 12, 2012

By Eric Guzman '12

After a few years of silence, Siena College’s radio station WVCR-FM 88.3 “The Saint," has once again flipped the switch on its 24-hour online talk-radio station. The student-run, internet-based station called Saint Talk, is now broadcasting to the entire world.

Saint Talk is really all about the students, who are responsible for 80% of its operation,” said WVCR General Manager Darrin Scott Kibbey. “The idea is to let students to express their thoughts on virtually any topic. The station gives them the platform to have a world-wide student voice.”

Senior Brian Dorrian ’12 is the student responsible for Saint Talk’s resurrection and now manages the station. Dorrian gained experience producing the Office of Academic and Community Engagement’s FM radio show, “Change Makers.” He is using the skills he developed to oversee the programming and growth of the Internet station.

“I felt like Saint Talk was a good opportunity for students to do something creative,” said Dorrian. “I asked a lot of my friends if they wanted to get involved and already we have a variety of student-run talk shows that have been a success.”

David Carvalho ’12, co-host of Saint Talk’s, “The Seamless Life” said, “Students are now able to bring up topics that aren’t really discussed in depth. It is useful for students to have a place to do that.” Carvalho’s show educates listeners on modern day issues, icluding ethical life issues and the richness of Catholic Social Teaching.

“I’m upset I waited so long to do something like this. This is perfect for students who want to have a voice and talk about topics with other people who enjoy the conversation,” said Emanuel Rodriguez ’12, co-host of Saint Talk’s, “Dumb, Dumb and Dumber.” The show features discussions on a wide range of topics. It is just one of several original shows hosted by Siena students. Others range in subject matter from politics to the supernatural.

“This whole experience has been a great learning process,” said Dorrian. “Saint Talk gives all students an equal opportunity to voice their opinions, and really, a true sense of empowerment."

Dorrian will be graduating in May and explained that he is actively seeking students to continue running the program. Radio shows are currently pre-recorded and replayed throughout the day, but by the end of the year, Dorrian hopes that Saint Talk will be broadcasting live, bringing a whole new dimension to the restored talk station.

To listen to Saint Talk, visit the WVCR website, www.wvcr.com



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