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Cutler Recognized for Teaching Law

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Political Science Department Chair and Pre-Law Advisor Len Cutler, Ph.D. has been recognized by the Town of Colonie with its “Gavel Award.” The honor is given annually to a teacher or college professor in Colonie who successfully brings knowledge of the courtroom into the classroom.

“He’s had an impact on the practice of law here,” said Senior Colonie Town Justice the Honorable Peter Crummey, who joined Chief of Staff Fr. Ken Paulli ’82, O.F.M., Ph.D. in surprising Cutler with the award during his first class of the day.

“I’m very humbled and honored,” Cutler said. He added that his biggest reward is to contribute to the education of Siena College students. “Our mission is to serve you,” Cutler said to his students as they celebrated his recognition.

Crummey said Cutler’s experience and background made him a deserving recipient of this honor. “He has been recognized through our community already for his scholarship and research,” Crummey said.

Cutler has spent 40 years advising and teaching Siena students, many of whom have gone on to have successful careers in the legal field. He is also an accomplished scholar who has written articles and books about various aspects of the legal field, including his seminal book, “The Rule of Law and the Law of War: Military Commissions and Enemy Combatants Post 9/11.”

Cutler was recently appointed to the Merit Selection Panel to help the United States District Court select a full-time United States Magistrate Judge in Albany, New York. He is the only member of the federal panel working in academia.

Cutler is the sixth person to receive the Town of Colonie’s “Gavel Award.”

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