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Fulbright Scholars Make Global Impact

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

By Sarah Vistocco '13

The Eastern New York State Chapter of the Fulbright Scholar Program recently celebrated Siena College students, professors and alumni who have received the prestigious, government-funded award. Siena alumnus Michael Murphy ’75, Ph.D. began the Chapter ten years ago after completing his time with the Fulbright Program at the Czech Academy of Sciences. The event held last Tuesday, January 22 brought generations of Fulbright recipients and hopefuls together to share stories, advice and to create a deeper understanding of the organization’s mission.

Matt Grimes ’12 recently received a Fulbright Scholarship for an English teaching assistantship that he plans to complete in Argentina this March. Along with the scholarship, Grimes received a grant that will fund his initiative for social change and youth development using digital media.

As an applicant, Grimes was asked to articulate his academic credentials and his desire to implement his program in Argentina. Grimes had to explain how his project would enrich inter-global relations. Grimes praised Siena College for preparing him for such a program. “Studying abroad through Siena changed my life,” Grimes said. As a Fulbright recipient, Grimes joins a list of Siena alumni and professors who are among 7,500 applicants chosen for scholarships globally each year.

Fulbright recipients apply their skills as teachers, researchers and students during their time abroad. Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Management Terry Curran, Ph.D. received a grant from the Fulbright Program to teach at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies at Seoul University in Seoul, South Korea. After giving many lectures and making Korean friends, Curran returned two years after completing his Fulbright program to assist in environmental research through a fellowship from the Asia Foundation. Curran has returned to South Korea three more times for conferences and speaking tours. Curran’s connection to South Korea is an example of the lasting relationships the program hopes to create between the Fulbright Fellowship recipients and their countries.

Professor of Sociology Duane Matcha, Ph.D. received two Fulbright Scholarships; one for work in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the other to work at Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland, where he taught a course called sociology of aging and health care systems. Matcha did not let his experience end abroad. “All of my work now back here requires an international focus. With every course I teach, students have to look at it with an international point of view,” Matcha said.

Siena College President Fr. Kevin Mullen’75, O.F.M., Ph.D. said that the Franciscan tradition on which Siena is founded promotes people to be citizens of the global world. Mullen stated that he is proud to host the event and have professors and Siena students who have received the prestigious Fulbright award. “This is what we should do as a college,” Mullen said.

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