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Realizing a History Buff's Dream

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

By Caitlyn Sanchez '12

Cameron Green ’12 dreamed that someday he would work at Colonial Williamsburg. “My passion has always been Colonial America and now I am in the heart of it,” he said.

This semester Green is participating in a historical farming internship at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. He traveled hundreds of miles south and back in time hundreds of years to work with Bill Kelso, Ph.D., one of America's foremost historical archaeologists in early American history.A typical day at Green’s internship consists of feeding the animals, plowing the fields with the oxen, bulking tobacco, splitting clapboards and explaining what he is doing to the tourists who are visiting Colonial Williamsburg.

Green is an American Studies major who is participating in a Semester-in-Residence study program with the College of William and Mary.  This program includes trips to different historical sites. He recently had the unique opportunity to excavate the church where Pocahontas was married and baptized. “It was interesting work, like finding treasure almost,” Cameron said. “It is exciting to see what emerges from the soil when it is screened.” After he graduates from Siena College, Green hopes to work in public history and run his own historical farm. 

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