Department Chair

  • Jennifer McErlean
    Professor of Philosophy
    Siena Hall 414
    (518) 783-4129

Speaker Series

2011 Jay Bernstein (The New School), Torture and Modernity

2010 Jane Bennett (Johns Hopkins), Green Materialism

2008 Jesse Prinz (CUNY), The Role of Emotions in Moral Judgment

2006 Simon Critchley (The New School), Do Not Use the Other as Mouthwash

2005 Maria Lugones (Binghamton University), Multiculturalism and Women of Color Feminisms

2004 Richard Bernstein (The New School), Pragmatic Consequences of Tolerance

2003 Drew Hyland (Trinity College), Philosophy of Sport

2002 Jenny Teichman (Cambridge University), What is Terrorism?

2001 Ronald Polansky (Duquesne University), Aristotle and Perception

2000 Edward Casey (Stony Brook), Gleaning of the Environment

1999 Carolyn Korsmeyer (Buffalo), Disgust in Art

1998 Daniel Conway (Texas A&M), Nietzsche as Legislator

1997 Stephen Brown (Boston College), The Analogy of Being

1996 Allan Janik, The Creative Millieux: Vienna 1906

1995 Wade Robinson (RIT), Constitutional Law

1994 John Stuhr (Emory), Responsible Pragamatism

1993 Elizabeth V. Spelman (Smith), Slave Girl Narratives

1992 Johnmarie Polidoro, The Way of Peace

1991 Langdon Winner (RPI), The Technological Race and Political Culture

1990 Thomas Langan (Toronto), Whatever Happened to Truth?

1989 Christina Hoff Sommers, Feminism and Family

1988 Bernard Dauenhauer

1987 Philip Halle, Le Chambon and Virtue

1986 Thomas Flynn (Emory)

1985 John D. Caputo (Vilanova), Heidegger and Technology

1984 Florence Hetzler, Art and Philosophy

1983 Michael P. Slattery, Christian Philosophy and Gnosticism

1982 Peter Kreeft (Boston College), A Philosophy of Poverty

1981 William May, Artful Baby-making & Justice

1979 Robert O’Connell, S.J., Art and the Business of Being Intelligent

1978 Thomas Langan (Toronto), Learning to Live in Megalopolis

1977 W. Norris Clarke, S.J., Parapsychology

1976 John Koller, Chinese Philosophy

1975 Johemery Konecsni, Locke and the Constitution

1974 Rosemary LoSosso, Silence an Self-Awareness

1973 Elizabeth Anscombe, Sexual Ethics

1972 Robert Neville, Vanity and Time

1971 Kenneth Gallagher, Marcel

1970 Germain Grisez, Natural Law, Ethics, and Abortion

1969 Stephen F. Brown, Lucretius’ “The Nature of the Universe”