Department Chair

  • Dean Amadio
    Associate Professor of Psychology
    Roger Bacon 403
    (518) 782-6768



Psychology is a basic science that studies human behavior and mental processes, and it is also a profession that promotes human welfare by applying psychological knowledge to solve practical problems.  Our Psychology curriculum is designed to provide our majors with a solid background that will allow them to maximize their choices when they graduate from our program, whether they immediately choose to pursue a career or to pursue a graduate degree.  To that end, the Psychology Department affords varied opportunities that help prepare students for their future:  a solid breadth requirement, exposure to laboratory work, in-depth seminars, options to collaborate with faculty on research, and internships for those who qualify.

The B.A. in Psychology is one of the most sought after degrees at Siena; we currently have over 300+ majors and minors.  The department is composed of thirteen full-time faculty members whose areas of expertise span the psychological spectrum.  You can find our faculty offices, the Psychology laboratories, and social science computing facilities in Roger Bacon Hall.

Faculty Offices are located in Roger Bacon Hall on the 4th & 2nd Floors

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