Dr. Edward LaRow

Edward J. LaRow

B.S. Biology, Siena College (1959)
M.S. Zoology, Kansas State University (1965)
Ph.D. Zoology, Rutgers University (1968)

Courses: Ecology and Comparative Anatomy


My area of specialty is in the field of Aquatic Ecology & Invertebrate Biology. My early research dealt with the role of Biological Clocks in the vertical migration of freshwater plankton. Subsequent work dealing with re-mineralization rates and productivity of zooplankton was funded by the National Science Foundation as part of the International Biological Program. My most recent work dealt with the effect of acid precipitation on zooplankton community structure.

Each fall I teach ecology which deals with the interrelations of organisms with each other and their environment. Lectures are equally divided between ecosystem, community and population ecology. Laboratory work emphasizes hypothesis testing and analysis of various ecosystems.  I teach Comparative Anatomy in the spring semester. The course is designed to develop knowledge of vertebrate morphology, evolutionary history and the relationship between structure and function. I also direct the Siena/St. Peters Hospital preceptorship. The program includes six didactic sessions and then the students rotate through the various services at St. Peters Hospital.


.At present my time is devoted primarily to administrative duties. I am the Director of the Siena/Albany Medical College Program in Science, Humanities and Medicine which is a joint eight-year program leading to the M.D. degree. In addition, I oversee the nine cooperative programs in medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, physical therapy and occupational therapy. I have been Siena’s Health Professions Advisor for the past 35 years. As the name implies, my primary responsibility is to provide information about careers in the health professions and to assist students in achieving their career goals.  I spend a significant amount of time assisting students in selecting professional schools compatible with their credentials, assisting the student in the time consuming application process, monitoring the application progress and acting as a liaison between the candidate and the professional school.  I recently produced an advisement manual to assist students applying to professional school.

Recent Panel Presentations

"Accelerated Programs vs. Combined Programs,"  AAMC Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA (1998).

"Volunteerism and Community Service," Plenary Session NAAHP 13th Annual Meeting.  Arlington, VA (1998).

"How can our Letters Communicate Information on Issues of Character" NEGSA/NEAAHP Annual Meeting. Rochester, NY (1995).

"Instilling and Sustaining Professionalism in our Students", NEGSA/NEAAHP Annual Meeting. Burlington, VT (1993).