Dr. Lawrence Woolbright

Lawrence L. Woolbright

B.S. Presbyterian College (1974)
M.S. West Georgia College (1978)
Ph.D. The University at Albany (1985)

Courses: General Biology I, Writing and Research Skills for Biologists, Environmental Science, Behavioral Ecology

Dr. Larry Woolbright

My research interests include the ecology and conservation of amphibian populations.  I have a long-term population study of the Puerto Rican coqui that has involved numerous Siena students over the past 20 years.  That work has helped us to understand the ways that frogs respond to habitat disturbance, in particular the key role that hurricanes play in regulating Caribbean rain forests.  I have also studied coquies in Hawaii where they are an exotic invasive species.

In a second project, my students and I work at the Saratoga National Battlefield every spring studying the pattern of habitat usage by various amphibian species.  We need to know about habitat requirements and movement patterns if we expect to design effective habitat preserves for amphibian conservation.

Representative Publications

Woolbright, L.L., E.J. Greene (Siena student), and G.C. Rapp (Siena student). 1990. Density-dependent mate searching strategies of male woodfrogs. Animal Behaviour 40:135-142.

Woolbright, L.L. 1991. The impact of Hurricane Hugo on forest frogs in Puerto Rico. Biotropica 23:462-467

Stewart, M.M. and L.L. Woolbright. 1996. Amphibians. Chapter 8 in: Reagan, D. and R. Waide (eds.) The Food Web of a Tropical Rain Forest. Univ. Chicago Press.

Woolbright, L.L. 1997. Local extinctions of anuran amphibians at El Verde, Puerto Rico. Journal of Herpetology 31:572-576.