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Roger Bacon Hall Biology Labs

Roger Bacon Hall

Roger Bacon (RB) is Siena's original science building and is adjacent to the Morrell Science Center.  RB houses the Computer Science, Math, and Physics Departments.  As shown below, a few biology laboratories also remain in RB, along with most lecture classrooms for science courses.




RB132 - Neurobiology

An upper level course in Neurobiology (BIOL-440) is offered in this laboratory during the fall semester. Students learn how to record the electrical activity of neurons using microelectrodes. In subsequent labs, students inject neurons with fluorescent dyes, study impulse conduction and synaptic transmission, and analyze the properties of neuronal circuits. The semester ends with a student-designed independent project. In the spring, this lab is used to teach General Biology for Social Sciences labs, a required course for Psychology majors. Students dissect preserved specimens to learn the anatomy of various organs. In addition, they carry out physiology experiments and computer simulations to learn fundamental principles of human physiology.   



 RB 122 - Ecology

Every biology major will take at least one course in the organismic and population biology course area.  A number of "field courses" fulfill this requirement including Ecology, Biology of the Vertebrates, Behavioral Ecology, Plant Ecology and Tropical or Marine Biology.  Labs emphasize field trips to sites both near and far.  Lab for tropical or marine biology, for example, consists of a two-week trip to the Bahamas.






RB222 - Biology Lab

Renovated in 2009, this is an ecology lab that is used for courses such as Behavior Ecology.  It is also used to teach for BIOL-190, Writing and Research Skills for Biologists.   









RB228 - Biology Student Project Lab

Renovated in 2009, this lab is used to support student projects in our Writing and Research Skills for Biologists (BIOL-190) course).  BIOL-190 is a required course for all biology majors and covers the fundamentals of scientific inquiry and scientific writing.  Students design and carry out an experiment, analyze the data and then write a complete scientific paper describing their results.  Students learn how to achieve all this through a series of interactive computer exercises, workshops and peer-editing classes.