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Biology Department


Morrell Ground Floor Labs

Physiology Lab

Upper level courses in animal physiology and endocrinology, which emphasize the study of living animals, are taught in this laboratory. In Animal Physiology, students use sophisticated equipment to perform experiments on topics such as muscle physiology, oxygen consumption, salt/water balance, and thermoregulation. In Comparative Endocrinology, students conduct experiments on thyroid function in rats and regulation of water balance in amphibians. Independent projects are emphasized in both of these courses.  





Aquarium Room



This temperature controlled room houses fish, amphibian, reptiles, and various invertebrate specimens used in our physiology courses. It contains racks for aquaria as well as tables for long term projects requiring controlled environmental conditions.









Physiology Prep Room

This multipurpose support room is located adjacent the main teaching laboratory. A variety of equipment, including top-loading and microbalances and pH meters are used to prepare solutions for physiological experiments.   









Morphology Lab


Courses in comparative anatomy and histology, which emphasize the study of preserved animals, organs, and tissues will be taught in this laboratory. In Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates, students perform detailed dissections of preserved specimens to learn the structure of vertebrate organ systems. The Histology course emphasizes the structure/function relationship at the tissue level. In addition to examining electron micrographs and prepared histological sections, students compare tissues in different organisms by preparing and analyzing sections as part of a student-designed independent project. In Biology of the Invertebrates, students dissect representative members of each phylum and perform experiments to illustrate the physiological and behavioral features of this important group of animals.  Finally, the department also uses this laboratory for a two-semester sequence in Human Anatomy and Physiology (offered in alternate years) for students interested in pursuing certain careers in the allied health professions, e.g. physical therapy.   



Histology Prep Room

Located adjacent the main teaching laboratory, this room contains a fume hood and other areas for preparation of histological fixatives and stains. Microtomes are used to prepare razor thin sections of tissue for examination by light microscopy. Students in the Histology course use the room to set up their long-term independent projects.