Department Chair

  • Edwin Rogers, Ph.D.
    Professor of Mathematics
    Roger Bacon Hall 444
    (518) 783-2392


The Mathematics Department at Siena College features dedicated faculty teaching small classes and providing a wide variety of educational and career opportunities. We have excellent facilities including a mathematics lab equipped with sixteen Apple iMac computers and a Smart Board projector. We make use of the software package Mathematica, along with other mathematical software, to visualize complex objects and solve difficult problems. We have a dedicated mathematics classroom with a projection system for displaying computer, calculator, or DVD output. This room is also equipped with an Apple iMac desktop. We have a library/lounge for student and faculty use. This common room is bordered by faculty offices which makes for convenient student access to the faculty. 

The department offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degrees in mathematics, a minor in mathematics, a program that leads to provisional New York State Certification for grades 7-12, and a 3-2 engineering program with several cooperating engineering schools.

  The curriculum emphasizes student involvement in the learning process. Four of our courses have a lab component and upper level mathematics courses typically have an enrollment cap of 16 students. Free group tutoring sessions, conducted by upper class mathematics majors, are offered for our introductory courses. Our students frequently present papers at the Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics conference which is held each Spring at a nearby campus. In the spring of 2007 it was hosted by Siena College. 

The department has a chapter (New York Alpha Epsilon) of Pi Mu Epsilon the Mathematics Honor Society. Each spring we induct our most promising students into this organization whose goal is to promote scholarship and mathematics. In the Spring of 2012, 9 students were inducted in a ceremony led by Dr. Jon Bannon.


    • Olivia Emigh (2015) has been accepted to the Budapest Semester in Mathematics for the Fall 2013 semester.
    • Dr. Drew Warner (2008) received his doctorate from RPI this spring and spoke in the Math Speaker Series on February 1.
    • Emily Casey (2014) received a summer scholarship for research with Dr. Henry through the Summer Scholar’s Program.
    • Anderson Duraes (2014) submitted a solution to every Monthly Challenge Problem.
    • Francesca Romano (2014) will attend the 2013 Summer Math Institute at Cornell University. Francesca also received a score of 9 on the Putnam competition.
    • Maureen Jeffery (2013) received the 2013 Math BS Senior Award. Maureen will begin work on her PhD in Mathematics at Syracuse University in the fall of 2013.
    • Christina Andromidas (2013) received the 2013 Math BA Senior Award. Christina was also the lead speaker on a workshop at the Hudson-Mohawk Valley Area Mathematics Conference on March 23, 2013.

Math Major Profile

    • Name:  Yomary Rodriguez (2014)
      Hometown: Sleepy Hollow, NY
    • Why Siena? I chose Siena because of the environment I experienced on my numerous visits. It is a small school and from what I saw everyone loved it. I knew that if I were to come here the opportunities I would have and the relationships I would build would direct me in the right path.
    • Why Mathematics? When I arrived at Siena, I knew I wanted to major in education. I didn't know exactly which field, but I was interested in math. I was pulled to math after interacting with faculty in the math department and taking a course that made me think in a way I had never before. The one-on-one and small group learning was the final, deciding factor that assured me that math was the field I wanted to explore.
    • What has been your most meaningful experience at Siena? The most meaningful experience that I have had at Siena would have to be the observations and field work that I have done in the Education courses. Going into a classroom and assisting a current math teacher with lessons plans and even teaching in some instances has been one of my highlights here at Siena. Having that interaction with other teachers, but especially with the students, has taught me what I cannot learn in the classroom.
    • What are your plans for the future? After graduation, I plan to teach in a high needs school and continue to make strides in my education and get my masters. After seeing the faculty here and what they do, it may even be possible that in the future I will earn my Ph.D..