Department Chair

  • Edwin Rogers, Ph.D.
    Professor of Mathematics
    Roger Bacon Hall 444
    (518) 783-2392

The Math Library

Students taking part in the 2012 Integration BeeThe Math Library is a large room on the fourth floor of Roger Bacon Hall. The room has four tables, a couch, three easy chairs and books and is surrounded by the offices of the faculty of the department. Coffee and tea are available when faculty members are present. The room is for student use. Students use it for problem solving either alone or in groups. Upper-class mathematics majors provide tutoring in the room each evening. Social events (pizza party, math club meetings) are also held in this room. Because of its location, Mathematics students who use this room have easy access to faculty and this leads to many student faculty interactions. 

The photo to the right shows students in the Math Library taking part in the 2012 Siena Integration Bee.