Department Chair

  • Edwin Rogers, Ph.D.
    Professor of Mathematics
    Roger Bacon Hall 444
    (518) 783-2392

3-2 Engineering Program

Siena participates with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Catholic University, Clarkson University, Manhattan College, SUNY Binghamton and Western New England College in a cooperative science-engineering program.

A student wishing to participate in the 3/2 program should complete all of the requirements of the bachelor of science in Mathematics. A maximum of two of the advanced level mathematics courses and the advanced science sequence may be transferred from the engineering school. If a student is interested in one of the traditional engineering programs (mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical) they are strongly recommended to take twenty-five credits in physics and/or chemistry during their three years at Siena. These courses are chosen in consultation with the advisor and 3/2 Engineering coordinator, Dr. Alan Weatherwax.

Upon successful completion of the first year at the engineering school, a student will be granted the B.S. degree in mathematics from Siena College. After successful completion of an additional year at the engineering school, a student will be granted a second undergraduate degree from the cooperating school.