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Choosing a Major that Fits You

Should you worry about what major you choose?

Students often talk to advisors about choosing the right major. Unless you are working in a technical field, you have lots of options.

Majors can lead to various develop from various majors. Department webpages include information about careers and graduate school options but here are several others to look at:
            O*Net Online:  Learn about careers, jobs, salaries, forcast for that industry and more           
            Inside Career Info:  Actual career experiences from real people
            Job Shadow:  Virtual job shadow to see what a typical day is like on the job

The Career Center has great resources to learn about your interests, values and skills. Putting these pieces together helps you choose a career path that fits you, so explore the possibilities!

You can also explore possible majors by running a 'What If Analysis' through Web for Student . In your CAPP report, you can change your major (unofficially) to re-sort your courses to see how your courses work in the new major AND see courses needed to finish that major.  Read course descriptions of what you need - Can you imagine yourself taking these courses?  Do these interest you?  This information can help you clarify if that major is a good fit.

Talking with advisors, family and professionals in that area about your ideas can add to clarification.  Volunteering, internships, job shadowing also give you actual experience.  More great ways to make the right choice!