Smarter Studying

Smarter Studying
Feel like you are just not getting it?? Sometimes you need to change the way you study or prepare for exams. How do you learn best? Don't know? Try this Learning Inventory. About 40 questions will help you get a better idea of how to study smart. More questions? Contact the Academic Support and Advising Center to review your options.

    Peer Advisors Handout on Study Tips:  Where to Study, Paper Writing Tips, Staying Motivated, Read a Textbook 

    Cure Procrastination                   Manage your week - 168 hour/week chart  
    Procrastination video

Notecards using Quizlet

Studying and Reading:
Where / How to Study
Active Study Tips
Get the Most from a Textbook
Getting and Staying Motivated
Remembering What You Read

Classroom Skills:
Classroom Listening and Note Taking
Lecture Note Taking

Stress and Time Management:
Stress Management
Time Management
Managing Test Anxiety

Test Taking:
How to Take Multiple Choice Exams
How to Study for an Essay Exam
Taking the Essay Exam 



Writing Papers:
Writing the Research Paper