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Accepted Transfer Students


   Here is a To-Do Checklist to help you stay on track

Transfer students are encouraged to become part of the campus community in a variety of ways. Although you have attended college elsewhere, you will notice some differences in navigating the Siena College systems. 

The Student Sucess and Academic Advising Office, located in Siena Hall 215, is available to work with you as you transition to Siena. Our numnber is 783-2341,  

Here are some helpful links followed by an FAQ section: 

Basics of Student Computing (network passwords, set up email, etc.)
Parking Information                    Student Clubs and Activities          
Commuter Life                         l

Academic Advising
Choosing a Major that fits you 
Smarter Studying - helpful tips
Writing Center
Tutoring Office
Career Center
Using the Standish Library

Who is my Academic Advisor?
How can I be sure my transfer credits have been accepted?
Why weren't some of my credits from my other school accepted?
What is First Year Seminar and do I have to take it?
How do I log onto my Siena email?
How do I obtain a student ID card?
Where do I pay my bill?
How do I register for classes in my first semester?
What is a CAPP report and why do I need to know?
Where can I get lunch?

Please contact  the ASAC for questions related to this page - 518-783-2341