Who Am I?

What is Self Assessment?

Self-assessment is an important first step in the career development process.
The instruments we use are designed to help you learn about your interests, values and skills and to focus your career search.  

How can you begin a job or a graduate school search if you don’t know what you do well, what you are interested in and what you want to learn more about?  How can you connect what you are learning at Siena College with career possibilities?  Self Assessment is a process that requires time.   Meet with a Career Counselor; we will guide you towards a clearer picture of yourself.  This may involve discussion, reflection, completing assessment inventories, learning to tell your story, talking to people who work in careers that interest you, and more.

Participating in this process will help you to make more realistic decisions about your goals & plans, how you manage your career and the importance of adaptability as changes occur in your life.  Let us help you get started today.

Below you will find a summary of some of the assessments offered at the Career Center.  Stop by during Drop in Hours (2:00-3:30pm daily during semester) to begin this process.  We’ll initiate a short discussion to determine which assessment might be the best starting point.  If you prefer, please schedule a half hour appointment at your convenience to begin this process.   It is necessary to work with a Career Counselor to begin the formal self-assessment process.

Once your assessment is complete, please schedule a one-hour appointment with a Career Counselor to review your results, go over any questions you may have, and talk about the next steps in your career development process.

These are a sampling of our most popular self-assessments:

  • Do What You Are

This assessment is based on personality type and developed specifically for college students. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Students can research careers and maintain information in their e-file.

Features of Do What You Are include:

Assessing your likes/ dislikes

Assessing your strengths and blind spots

Helping you determine your preferred learning styles

Helping you to think about your interpersonal negotiating style and how it relates to your career

A Career Counselor will provide you with the information needed to take Do What You Are.  Once you receive that information:

Take the Do What You Are Assessment


  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator

This is a personality inventory that allows individuals to learn about the degree to which they express their preferences for eight aspects of human personality. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

  • Strong Interest Inventory

This inventory matches your interests with the interests of people who have been in career fields at least three years and are satisfied with their work.  It takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. 

  • Ability Explorer

This inventory looks strictly at your [self-reported] abilities and then ties those to possible careers.

  • Career Clusters

This inventory looks at your interests and breaks them into 16 clusters.  We can then explore your top clusters and how they tie to possible careers.