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Audiovisual Policies and Services

Audiovisual Department

Sean P. Conley, Reference & Media Services
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The Audiovisual Resources Center is a part of the J. Spencer and Patricia Standish Library and is located on the lower level of the library building. All of the collections, facilities, and services described below are available to all members of the Siena Community, with exceptions noted. Please feel free to stop at the AV Desk on the lower level of the library or call (518) 782-6741 if you have any questions regarding audiovisual services at Siena College


The Library's audiovisual collections are primarily designed to support the curriculum of the college. The library also strives to provide both intellectually enriching and entertaining viewing and listening options for the college community. All audiovisual collections are available for loan to Siena students, faculty, and staff. Members of the Siena Community are welcome to make suggestions for additions to the AV collections. All such requests will be considered within the context of the purpose stated above, with priority being given to material that directly supports classroom teaching. All of the audiovisual collections may be searched using CYRIL, the college's integrated library system.


The library provides facilities for the use of audiovisual material in multiple formats and in a variety of settings.

Audiovisual Classroom (L-26) -This room is a large classroom with a capacity of 60 people to be used for video screening, lectures, presentations, etc. It is equipped with a computer/video/DVD projector and an enhanced sound system. This room is scheduled for use at the AV/Reserve Desk.

Audiovisual Group Study Rooms (L-35 and L-36) -These are two small rooms designed for 3-6 people to work together using audiovisual material. Each is equipped with a TV/VCR, DVD player, audio CD/cassette player, and projection screen.

Audiovisual Carrels -There are 15 of these to allow 1 or 2 people to use a variety of audiovisual equipment, including TV/VCR, DVD, audio CD/cassette, multimedia computer programs, 35mm slides, and a text enlarger for the visually impaired.


Audiovisual Equipment Loan

The Audiovisual Center has a variety of equipment available for loan to members of the Siena Community. Priority for use is given to those requests directly related to curricular or college sponsored activities. The equipment generally available for loan includes: VHS VCR's, camcorders (full-size VHS), 35mm carousel slide projectors, portable audio CD/cassette players, portable audio cassette recorders, projection screens, 16mm film projectors, filmstrip projectors, and overhead projectors. All requests for equipment loan should be made at least 24 hours prior to pick up. Faculty and staff may borrow equipment for up to 7 days, students may borrow equipment for 2 days.

Audiovisual Equipment Delivery

The Audiovisual Center will deliver (or arrange for delivery, see below*) certain equipment to campus locations upon request. The equipment generally available for campus delivery includes: integrated TV/VCRs, TV/VCR/DVDs, audio CD/cassette players, 35mm carousel slide projectors, overhead projectors, projection screens, etc. All requests for equipment delivery should be made at least 24 hours prior to the event.
*Many equipment delivery requests require that the college's Events Crew deliver and retrieve equipment at the direction of the Audiovisual Center. In these cases, delivery charges may apply. Please contact Plant Operations at (518) 783-2370 for more information regarding delivery charges.

Campus Event Videotaping

Arrangements may be made to have members of the Audiovisual Center staff videotape lectures or events on campus. Requests will be accepted from faculty or staff only and the event must be related to the educational mission of the college. All requests for videotaping should be made at least one week prior to the event. The requester must secure the permission of the presenter(s) to have their program recorded. All videotaped programs become the property of the Standish Library.

Off-Air Videotaping

The Audiovisual Center has the capability to record broadcast television programs off-air. Requests for off-air recording will be accepted from faculty and staff only and all recordings must be used within accepted copyright guidelines.

Tape Duplication

The Audiovisual Center provides duplication services for both audiocassettes and VHS videocassettes. All tape duplication requests are subject to copyright restrictions and the Audiovisual Center reserves the right to refuse any duplication request if there is any question regarding copyright.