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Foreign Language Films in the Siena College Library

Audiovisual Department

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Special Audiovisual Collections

Foreign films list

The library has a large number of foreign films in its collection, on VHS and DVD.  The following lists have been drawn up to help users more easily locate films in a particular language.  You can also search CYRIL for a specific language or check for newly added foreign language titles.  These lists are usually updated only once in a semester. 

Foreign Films Title List (Alphabetical by film title)

Foreign Films by Language (Alphabetical by language)

Siena College special lectures or presentations

The AV Department has been asked to videorecord a number of guest, faculty speakers and special presentations over the years.  The following list is generated once a year and is not comprehensive.  Information about some speakers/lectures may have been lost or was unavailable at the time this list was compiled.  The recordings on this list are intended for the use of the Siena College community ONLY.  Recording on this list will not be loaned to other institutions and/or individuals outside of the college community.  Any questions about this list should be directed to

Lecture list

The Lillian R. Insel (1918-2009) Opera Playbill Collection

This collection of opera playbills was donated to the Standish Library by Lillian R. Insel, MLS.  The playbills, which cover performances at the Metropolitan Opera and the New York City Opera, cover a range of nearly thirty years and a variety of composers.  The collection is available for the public for use on-site at the Standish Library.  The following lists are organized by: opera title, composer's name and date of the performance.

Title of the opera

Composer's name

Performance date