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Siena College Masters Theses, 1951-1968

Siena College maintained a graduate school program from 1950 to 1970. The College charter was amended in 1950 by the New York State Board of Regents authorizing the College to confer the degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Science in Education. In 1961 the Graduate School was admitted to the Council of Graduate Schools in the United States. Siena College Graduate School 1967-68 Bulletin states the following in regard to its purpose:

The present purpose of the Graduate School is to provide cultural enrichment for those who need or desire it and to prepare students for the professions in education, business, and industry. To achieve this end the Graduate School provides programs fostering clarity of thought, a capacity for research, and the pursuit of knowledge in harmony with the Catholic philosophy of life and education. Programs of the School are conducted in conformity with the principles of Scholastic Philosophy and Catholic Theology to emphasize the Christian concepts of man, nature and society.

Submission of a master thesis was a major requirement for the completion of a degree in the Graduate School program. Copies of these theses were routinely submitted to the Library. Most are available through interlibrary loan for a photocopying fee.  Listed here by author and broad subject are 130 master theses completed between 1950 and 1970.

The College offered an MBA in Accounting from 1995-2000, and started a MS Program in Accounting in 2009. Neither of these programs required a thesis.  

The catalog can be browsed by academic program: Arts, Business Administration, Education, History, and Sociology. There is also access by names of the authors. You can also search the content of the catalog by keyword using the <ctrl F> function to find topics.

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Business Administration




Akullian, Daniel   Alfonsi, Saturno   Andruskiw, Olga   Angelo, Joseph R.  
Antone, James   Baker, Ralph K.W.   Bannon, William J.   Beck, Bruce V.  
Behuniak, Michael P.   Bergstresser, Neal G.   Boccia, Francis Victor   Bogden, Richard J.  
Bradley, William J.   Bradshaw, William G.   Bragle, George Wallace   Brehm, Edward L.  
Brehm, Gerard Anthony   Bulgaro, Patrick J.   Burke, George A.   Burmaster, Richard Joseph  
Cahill, John Joseph   Carey, Edward Joseph   Carman, Richard Francis   Carmel, Arthur Kenneth  
Carpenter, Thomas A.   Carraro, Stephen Andrew   Cayan, Peter Joseph   Cedilotte, Francis X.  
Celeste, Anthony L.   Chase, Stanley Joseph   Clark, Edward Joseph   Clute, Lauren  
Colitsas, James   Cohen, Louis A.   Collins, T.L.   Conners, Mary Alice  
Conway, Brother Cormac Robert   Cooley, Thomas Joseph   Cooley, William J.   Correale, Robert M.  
Corrigan, George J.   Crucetti, Anthony L.   Curtin, Peter Daniel   Czechowicz, Father Walter G.  
Dale, Richard Burby   DeCrosta, Edward F.   Degnan, Sister Mary Bertrand   Devlin, Joseph Molyneaux  
Dewey, Donald A.   DiAnni, John J.   DiDomenico, Carmine   Doyle, Ann Marie  
Dresser, James Alfred   Drislane, Edward W.   Dudo, Nicholas P.   Duffey, John F.  
Eastwood, John Joseph   Edwards, Richard Thomas   Elias, Albert John   Ellis, Francis  
Farhart, Maurice M.   Farley, Vincent J.   Farrell, Anthony B.   Farrell, Peter Allen  
Fay, James Brendan   Feorino, Paul   Fisher, Robert J.   Fisher, Thomas Sloan  
Fitzgerald, Gerald Bernard   Fitzgerald, Thomas H.   Fleming, Thomas H.   Florman, Philip  
Frament, J. Willard   Franzoni, Orfeo John   Frodigh, Charles W.   Garrett, Joseph D.  
Gearhardt, William G.   Girard, John Eugene   Glasbrener, Charles J.   Godson, Joseph John  
Greco, Louis D.   Gritmon, Fred Daniel   Guiltinon, Frances C.   Halloran, Daniel F.  
Harvey, John William   Hawryluk, Alex   Hayes, Mary E.   Haynes, Charles R.  
Held, James Richard   Herkenham, Thomas Edward   Hill, Joseph R.   Hiney, Father Thomas J.  
Hogan, Michael Joseph   Hogan, Thomas Joseph   Hogenmiller, Robert E.   Holeva, Francis J.  
Ilacqua, John Thomas   Janis, Father Francis Gilbert   Kabath, Bert   Kay, D. Anthony  
Keefe, John J.   Kehn, Herbert James   Kennedy, Joseph W., Jr.   Kenney, James  
Kirkwood, Porter, Jr.   Kosier, Sister Mary Joan   Kotch-Tkacz, Myron   Langlais, Raymond Telesphore  
LaRose, Francis R.   Latino, Ralph G.   Lawrence, Robert   Leavy, Gordon T.  
LeBlanc, Edward J.   Lukasiewicz, Richard   Mack, John E.   Maetta, Charles Thomas  
Maley, Robert Carleton   Mangine, Edward Wescott   Manns, Marvin Charles   Marcil, John J.  
Marcou, Howard L.   McCarville, Patrick Dennis   McDermott, Michael J.   McFerran, Albert Edward  
McMahon, Cornelius J.   Mellon, Donald E.   Mertz, Joseph N.(Education)   Mertz, Joseph N.(Sociology)  
Messier, William Francis   Millet, Francis Edward   Molloy, Thomas Francis   Mooney, Donald J.  
Moore, John Joseph   Morandi, Ferruccio A.   Morgan, Frank Joseph   Mosca, Joseph  
Murphy, William Francis   Myers, William F.   Netter, Louis Richard   Neumann, William Davis  
O'Connell, Neil J.   O'Connor, John Francis   O'Grady, Paul H.   Perry, Thomas Francis  
Piedmont, Henry Stuart   Pohl, Mary Ellen   Postver, Dorothy G.   Power, Teresa Mary  
Rainville, Laurence P.   Ralston, Charles E.   Rand, Jerome   Ratigan, Robert E.  
Ray, Thomas M.   Renodin, Lyle Franklin   Rentz, John Paul   Roberts, John Llewellyn  
Rockwood, Lawrence Karl   Roddy, Francis L   Rodriguez, Rodrigo Luis   Rohrs, Sister Mary Ancilla  
Ronsini, Mario A.   Rosinski, Theodore J.   Rothstein, Marilyn Craig   Scavone, Louis Peter  
Scott, Basil Y.   Seeger, Sister Mary Edward   Seifert, Roy Dayton   Shapiro, Marvin Martin  
Sheridan, John Patrick   Shook, Merrick Cecil   Shrader, William S.   Simonian, Adam  
Slattery, Sister Mary Alene   Solomita, Rev. John Francis   Sorensen, Charles Allen   Spat, William Charles  
Starr, Samuel   Sternlicht, Judith   Storace, Alphonsus T.   Sudmyer, Robert G.  
Sufnarski, Stanley J.   Taylor, Don Carlysle   Teal, Ronald Lawrence   Tenbeau, Peter N.  
Tentor, Richard M.   Ternullo, Vito M.   Thero, John J.   Tunkel, Leon S.  
Tunny, James C.   Umholtz, Robert John   Vallee, Joseph X.   Verald, Frank James  
Walsh, John J.   Weber, Paul Henry   Weingarten, Samuel   Welch, Bernard Francis  
Witbeck, John J.   Wolfe, Leonard   Woods, Charles Kenton   Young, Robert Grant