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College Attendance Policy

A student is expected to attend every class and laboratory for which he or she has registered. Each instructor will make known to the student his or her policy with respect to absences in the course. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of this policy. A student may present to the instructor a written statement from an authorized school official if an excused absence is requested for a collegerelated activity, e.g., an athletic meet, class trip, etc. The instructor makes the final decision to excuse or not to excuse an absence. An instructor is entitled to give a failing grade (U) for excessive absences.

If there has been an extraordinary reason for excessive absences, such as prolonged illness, a student may petition the Vice President for Academic Affairs in writing to consider reinstatement in the class or permission to withdraw with the grade W.

It is the personal responsibility of the student to make up all work assigned during an absence from any class or laboratory.