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Meet the Commuter Council


Dina DecCrlo: President
Hi! My name is Dina DeCarlo. I am currently a sophomore at Siena College, Majoring in Economics. I commute from the town of Cobleskill. I love attending Siena because it feels like one big community! There is something for everyone, and once you get involved you will never want to leave!
Nour Sultan: Vice President
Hello, my name is Nour. I am currently a Junior ay Siena College, majoring in economics. I commute from the city of Albany. The best advice I could give to someone is to major in something you love. I enjoy the sense of community that Siena has.
Michael Lowney: Treasurer
My name is Michael Lowney and I am a Junior Finance Major. I commute from East Greenbush and the best advice I can give is to be involved on campus and make use of all the campus resources available. My favorite activity at Siena is the Fall Billiards Tournament.
Fahima Farha Muthuvappa: Secretary
My name is Fahima Farha Muthuvappa and I am currently a biochemistry major. I commute from Albany and I’ve lived there all my life. One piece of advice I would give to new commuters is to meet new people. You never know who you will meet.
Kulsum Shaikh: Press Secretary
My name is Kulsum Shaikh, I am a sophomore part of the class of 2016. I am physics major, I commute from Latham. A piece of advice I have for incoming freshmen is to make the most of your college experience, take advantage of every opportunity you have to excel and enjoy your experience! One thing that I really enjoy about Siena is the interesting professors; each and every professor has something different they can offer.
Sean Lawyer: Special Events Coordinator
My name is Sean Lawyer and I am currently a Senior History Major. I commute from the small town of Schoharie. My best advice for incoming freshmen is to get involved. Going to events, using resources that the campus has to offer, and just simply meeting new people all will enrich your time at Siena. My favorite part about Siena is the sense of community. You really feel like you belong when you are there.