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Student Internal Complaint System

Student Internal Complaint System - Purpose

The purpose of this section is to inform students of the internal complaint system at Siena College and to serve as a guide for students who wish to file a complaint about any aspect of Siena’s operations/policies/procedures or about the actions of any student, visitor or employee of the College.
Procedures and Guidelines
1.       Complaints should be directed to an administrator (e.g., director, dean, department head), supervisor, or faculty member. It is the responsibility of the person receiving the complaint to address the situation and, if possible, see to it that it is corrected. This must be done within a reasonable amount of time, which will, of course, depend upon what must be done to rectify the situation and if the student requests that the matter be resolved later, for example, after he/she has completed a course. The student, administrator, supervisor, or faculty member may seek support from the Equal Opportunity and Employee Relations Specialist/Title IX Coordinator, who may act as an ombudsman to facilitate and/or mediate the process. The administrator, supervisor, or faculty member should inform the student of the measures that were taken or are being taken to address the issue, keeping in mind that, except under certain circumstances, employee disciplinary matters are generally kept confidential. If a student does not receive a response within a reasonable amount of time from the date of originally submitting the complaint and the student has not requested an extension of the resolution, the student may bring a complaint to the Vice President responsible for the area in which the complaint has been made. If the complaint was originally submitted directly to such Vice President and is not acted upon within a reasonable amount of time, then the student must submit a written complaint to the President.
2.       If the complaint is a Human Rights matter under the College’s Human Rights Policy, then the student or the person to whom the student reported the complaint must notify the Title IX Coordinator, who is the College’s Equal Opportunity and Employee Relations Specialist.
3.       In all instances, a student filing a complaint, the student must be assured that no adverse action will be taken against the student for making the complaint..
4.       All documentation regarding a complaint as well as its disposition, with the exception of Human Rights Committee matters, must be securely stored in the office of the person who received the complaint and acted upon it. These records must be maintained for a period of six (6) years from the date final action was taken on said complaint.
5.       If a student feels that a response to a complaint is unacceptable and/or unreasonable, the student may file a complaint with the New York State Department of Education under its consumer complaint process. For details, see
6.       This procedure is for the benefit of the student and the College reserves the right to depart from this procedure if it is in the best interest of the student making the complaint to do so.
Revised 6/1/12