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Alternative Testing

Extended Time

Many students with disabilities are eligible for extended time for tests, quizzes and exams.  Extended time varies but is most often delivered through time and one half or double time.  In order to receive this accommodation, the student must request it prior to the scheduled exam.  Although the faculty member is encouraged to make the necessary accommodations within the classroom, Services for Students with Disabilities will, when requested 72 hours in advance, provide an alternative testing location and proctor. 

Alternate Testing Location

Students who are eligible for alternate location testing may request to have their tests, quizzes and exams taken in the SSD Office in Foy Hall Room 109.

Spell Checkers and Computers

Students who are eligible to use a spell checker may use it during in-class writing assignments and exams.  Students who are eligible to use a computer to complete in-class assignments or exams must request this accommodation 72 hours in advance. SSD will, when requested 72 hours in advance, provide a computer, alternative testing location and proctor.  

Oral Exams

Oral exams are provided for students who are eligible to receive them as an accommodation as well as students who require exams in an alternate format.  The college is unable to administer braille exams.  A reader is usually provided to administer oral examinations.  However, in the event that a reader is not available the exam may be put on tape for the student to listen to. 

The following procedures are required for all alternate testing accommodations:

  • Student Responsibilities: Student must complete a request form for alternative testing arrangements and return it to the office a minimum of 72 hours in advance.  This form  requires the faculty member’s signature. 
  • Faculty Responsibilities:  The faculty member must deliver a sealed copy of the exam to SSD or email it prior to the scheduled exam time.  It is also imperative that the faculty member indicate: the time allotment for the exam, how the exam is to be returned as well as any special arrangements (calculator, open book, and so forth).
  • Office Responsibilities:  Maintain the integrity of the exam through appropriate security measures.

Testing Policy

To the extent possible SSD will provide testing accommodations on the same day and time as the regular class or final examination schedule.