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Alternative Format Text


The Office maintains memberships to AccessText and Bookshare. Students who are eligible for e-text may receive books through these services.  In certain cases, the office may also contact publishers directly to request a book not available through the above named services. The availability of these books may be limited and the College is not responsible for providing books not available through these means.

Important Note: Prior to requesting any alternate format text, students must provide proof of purchase to Services for Students with Disabilities for each book requested. It can take from 1 day to 1 month to receive requested materials from these services. Students are asked to provide the list of books needed in alternate format at least 3 weeks prior to the start of each semester. 

Audio Books

Students who are granted an accommodation of audio books are eligible to receive audio files through Learning Ally or the New York State Talking Book and Braille Library (NY residents only).

Braille and Large Print Books
The Office will assist students in locating Braille and Large Print books.  As noted above, the College does not provide text books therefore, any text, including those in an adaptive format, is the financial responsibility of the student.

Enlarged Handouts and Materials
Faculty members may be asked to enlarge handouts and materials.  Many handouts are easily enlarged while printing from a disk or hard drive. SSD maintains a scanner to enlarge text materials as requested.  The faculty member should provide the student or the Office with the materials 72 hours in advance.  The office will then make the necessary text enlargements.