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Referral Guide for Faculty and Staff


Faculty and Staff Resource Guide (pdf)

College is a time for discovery, excitement and challenge.  At times, these challenges may lead to excessive stress, anxiety, depression, interpersonal difficulties and a disconcerting lack of direction.  In their interactions with students, faculty may identify those who require assistance to successfully meet the requirements of their college experience.  A timely and supportive referral by a faculty member may start a process which ensures that students will be better able to learn and fully participate in college life.

The Center for Counseling and Student Development is committed to helping students acquire the skills necessary to meet the demands of their academic and social life.  We do this in collaboration with faculty and other members of the Siena community.  Some individuals accept a referral for professional help more easily than others.  It is usually best to be frank and delineate your role as a concerned faculty member who can help them access other sources of assistance.  Assure the student that seeking help is a sign that they are appropriately and constructively responding to the situation.  Avoid making promises about confidentiality.  Such assurances may complicate swift intervention in the case where a student may be at risk to themselves or others. 

Purpose & Overview


This guide was written to assist Siena College faculty and staff in making referrals to the Center for Counseling and Student Development (CCSD). The primary objective of the guide is to familiarize you with the referral process and thereby increase the likelihood of a successful referral to the Center for Counseling and Student Development. In writing the guide we have attempted to provide answers to the kinds of questions that are commonly asked of us by persons who want to make a referral.