Office of Residential Life

  • Sarazen Student Union 318
    Phone: 518-783-2919
    Fax: 518-782-6870
  • Ms. Kathleen Brannock; Director of Residential Life

Residential Life Staff

The Residential Life staff coordinates programs to enhance the out of classroom experience for all students.  They collaboratively work as a liaison between students, faculty, and administration, offering referral services to resident students when needed.  Within the residential staff are the Friars in Residence, who are Franciscan's living in the residence units, modeling Franciscan ideals of recognizing the goodness and value of each person.


Kathleen Brannock - Director of Residential Life 
Office Phone: (518) 783-2919

Why Siena: Siena's commitment to living out its Franciscan values and its commitment to students makes it a unique place. Our mission in Residential Life works towards these values and commitment by fostering a safe and healthy living environment.


Michael Fogarty - Associate Director of Residential Life
Office Phone: (518) 783-2919

Why Siena: Siena offers all staff members unique opportunities to grow as a professional and broaden their interests and experiences.

Adam Casler - Assistant Director of Residential Life & Residence Director of the New Hall
Office Phone: (518) 782-8155

Why Siena: Siena has given me the opportunity to start new programs and initatives, with support from numerous other offices and areas of the institution.


Brittany Sheppard Grubb - Residence Director of Padua Hall
Office Phone: (518) 782-6733

Why Siena: Siena's commitment to fostering a positive, fun, and meaningful collegiate experience for students has created an enjoyable atmosphere for me to work in as a new professional.




Kathleen Gargan - Residence Director of Hines Hall
Office Phone: (518) 782-6104

Why Siena: I've experienced firsthand how Siena creates a welcoming and supportive environment for all as a former Graduate Intern in the Division of Student Affairs. This inspired me to come back as an administrator. One of the ways Siena achieves this is through our DORS values, which are all things I value in my personal and work life.



Don Denz - Residence Director of Plassmann Hall
Office Phone: (518) 786-5002

Why Siena: I love the environment that a small campus like Siena has to offer.  It is truly a welcoming community.  Having gone to a Franciscan high school, I am not only familiar with the values that a Franciscan education instills in its students, but I believe in them as well.


Melissa Potocki - Residence Director of Hennepin Hall
Office Phone: (518) 782-6582

Why Siena: 



Josh Grubb - Residence Director of MacClosky Square and Cushing Village
Office Phone: (518) 786-5099

Why Siena: I felt immediately welcome and comfortable the first time I visited Siena. The staff and the students are all great to work with here. The supportive leadership has allowed me to initiate new ideas and make my work personally rewarding.


Madeline Sinico - Residence Director of Ryan Hall
Office Phone: (518) 786-5009

Why Siena: Siena’s Catholic and Franciscan values embody the idea of a holistic education, the idea of educating the entire student.  I personally believe in this approach to education and feel confident that my beliefs will be supported and embraced by the students, faculty, and administration at Siena College.    



Allison Betts - Department Secretary
Office Phone: (518) 783-2919