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Clubs & Organizations

Here you will find an index for information about all official Siena College clubs and organizations.   For more information on running or creating a club, please see the Club Manual (a PDF document).  Student clubs and organizations are supervised by Student Activities and Leadership Development.  All club fundraisers are subject to the approval of the Student Events Board.


* Student Senate


The Siena College Student Senate serves as a liaison between faculty, administration, and students.  It works to present and to interpret students’ attitudes, opinions, and rights to the teaching faculty and administration.  The Student Senate is comprised of an Executive Board including President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The rest of the Senate includes Representatives, Hall and Town House Representatives, and Commuter Representatives.  Student Senate is the governing body for all clubs and organizations on campus.

Meetings are held every Tuesday at 4:15 p.m. while classes are in session.  Meetings are open and all are welcome to attend.


Student Events Board


The Student Events Board (SEB) is the primary student programming board of Siena College.  It is devoted to providing quality entertainment to the Siena community.  SEB sponsors traditional types of entertainment in the form of bands, comedians, and speakers, but also presents other non-traditional events designed for Siena such as coffeehouse acts, open mic nights, Winter Weekend, Siblings Weekend, Charity Week, big concerts, as well as SienaFest.   SEB also oversees and regulates the sale and distribution of goods and services of campus clubs and organizations.

Meetings are held every Monday at 5:25 p.m. while classes are in session.  Meetings are open and all are welcome to attend.

Student Government Councils:

* Commuter Life Council

Class of 2014 Council

Class of 2015 Council

* Class of 2016 Council

Class of 2017 Council


Clubs and Organizations

Accounting Students Association

American Marketing Association

Asian Students Association

Best Buddies - To enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships.

Biology Club

Black and Latino Student Union - To enhance the educational, social, recreational, cultural, and psychological environment of the Siena Community by promoting activities that are relevant to ethnic minorities in general and the Black and Latino experience in particular. To integrate these activities into the mainstream of the college in an effort to allow all Siena students to participate without regard to race, religion, or creed.  

Campus Action

Cheerleading Squad

Chemistry Club and Biochemistry Club - To promote Chemistry.

Colleges Against Cancer

Computer Science Club - To promote students to pursue their interest in computer science outside the classroom. 

Dance Team 

Education Club - To inform others about different aspects in the teaching and education fields.

English Society - To expand the knowledge of all students interested in English, writing, and the arts.  Constitution (.pdf file)

Entrepreneurship Club

* Environmental Club

* Equestrian Team - To give students an opportunity to ride and compete.

Financial Marketing Association - To be the global leader in developing and disseminating knowledge about financial decision making; brining together students, professors, and professionals for their mutual benefit.  

Gaelic Society - To instill a greater understanding of the Gaelic tradition and cultures of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, and the Isle of Man. 

Gaming Club

Gay Straight Alliance (G.S.A.)

* Habitat for Humanity - To perform community service by building houses for the underprivileged.  

History Club - To promote a general interest in history through on-campus discussions, field trips, etc.

* Hockey (Men) - Men's Ice Hockey Club Sport.  

International Students Association

Italian Club

Karate Club - To train in the martial arts.  

L.U.N.A. (Latinos Unificando Nuestra América ) - L.U.N.A. was officially established at Siena College on April 29, 2008. LUNA's goal is to foster an appreciation of cultural harmony where our particular focus will be on the Latino/a Diaspora and peoples’ cultures, religions, and communities.

Mentoring Program

Model United Nations - To sharpen debate and reasoning skills of members while learning more about global politics. 

Moot Court-Mock Trial - To prepare and compete in the regional Moot Court / Mock Trail tournament as well as to teach students how to act like an attorney or witness.

Muslim Student Association

Outing Club

Pendragon - Student Literary Magazine. 

* Philosophy Club  - To provide philosophical context  for the exchange and discussion of ideas on matters of contemporary and historical interest. 

Physics and Astonomy Club
- To increase public interest in physics, build a strong relationship with professors and prepare students for a future in physics. 

Political Science Society - A non-partisan group that continually works to bring current issues to the students of Siena through interactive and engaging activities.

Polynesian Culture Club

Pre-Law Society
- To assist students in matriculating to law school.

- Student Newspaper. 

Psychology Club - Providing students with insight into psychology and giving them an opportunity to see psychology in the real world.

READ for the Stars

Red Cross Club -

Relay for Life

Republican Club - To promote the ideas and goals of the Republican Party through campaigns, speakers, etc.

* Rugby Team - Men's

* Rugby Team - Women’s  - To provide an opportunity for females to play Rugby at the collegiate level, in the the New York State Rugby Conference. 

Semper Fi Society

SIRA (Siena Investment & Reseach Association)

SCTV (Siena College Television) - To provide Siena students with the opportunity to learn how to operate television equipment, do on-air broadcasts, and provide an outlet for programming and information on cable television.   Website*

SC Productions

Siena College Democrats

Siena for Life

* Social Work Club - To promote social justice through a variety of activities on and off campus.

Sociology Club

Squash Club

* Stage III - To educate students on a professional model of theatre while co-producing the Siena Theatre series.

Step Team

Ultimate Frisbee

Volleyball Club - To provide men and women the opportunity to play volleyball at a collegiate level.  

Volunteer Ministry Club - To provide opportunities in a student lead small group to help the Siena and greater community as well as grow in one’s faith.