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Campus Parking Lot Map


Map of Campus Parking Lots



Resident Student Parking ONLY – Designated by White Lines
Malloy Circle – The parallel parking spaces to the rear of Cushing Village
Lot “B” – A paved lot in the woods surrounded by Malloy Circle
Clare Circle – The parking area surrounding MacClosky Square
Chapel Road – Spaces south of the Chapel
Lot "J" - Located at the foot of the stairs to the Social Work House
Lot “N” – Located at the immediate front of Hines Hall
Lot “Q” – Located on the west side of Padua road, across from Padua Hall
Lot “R” – Located on the south side of Padua Hall
Lot “S” – Located on the south side of Hennepin and Ryan Halls
Lot “U” – Located on the east side of Turchi Road across from McGuire Hall
Lot “W” – Located to the rear of Plassmann Hall in front of the MAC

Commuter Student Parking, Visitor, and Resident overflow – Designated by White Lines            
Lot “D” – The stone lot behind Colbeth Hall -  Note: No overnight parking in this lot
Lot “F” – The lot adjacent to the baseball field
Lot “G” – Located on the north side of the Morrell Science Center, excluding faculty and staff spots (Designated by Yellow Lines)
Lot “H” – Located on the north side of Foy Hall

Resident Freshmen with Special Permission
Resident freshmen who have received permission to have a vehicle on campus
may only park in Lots “F”, “G” and “H” in spaces designated by white lines


For complete list, see Public Safety website