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Server Warranties

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Copyright/Intellectual Property

Anyone publishing to the Siena College website must comply with the copyright and intellectual property policies contained in the Siena Life Student Handbook and Siena College's Computing Use Policy.


Freedom of expression and its inherent limitations described in the Siena Life Student Handbook < Link to Siena Life document > apply to information throughout the College's website. Among these limitations, are those of accuracy, integrity and decency. All parties posting information to the Siena College website represent and warrant to Siena College that the materials do not contain any libelous or defamatory content and are in compliance with the applicable provisions of the Siena Life Student Handbook.

Print vs. Electronic Media

While College departments will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of material published on the web, discrepancies may sometimes exist between printed and electronic information. In such a case, the printed version of the material should be considered the official version. Anyone with questions concerning information on the Siena College website should refer to the originating department as noted on the footer of each page.

Unofficial Pages

For any unofficial page, the views expressed are those of the page author, not Siena College. The contents of the page have not been submitted for review or approval by Siena College. Questions or comments should be directed to the page author.