Summer Housing Meal Application



Siena College Summer Housing and Meals Application Form

Summer 2015

The following information must be completed by the stated deadline.  Supporting documentation should be sent to the Office of Residential Life no later than April 17th  (late requests are subject to a $25 late fee and/or denial).

Last Name   First Name  

SID#                             Email Address 

Current Campus Address: Residence Hall   Room: 

Fall 2015 Building and Room (if no housing is selected at time of application, please repeat your current building and room information):
Residence Hall   Room: 

Cell Phone  


Eligibility: Please check all that apply and complete the requested information.  Written verification is required and must be submitted to the Office of Residential Life.  For more information and details about the eligibility requirements of summer housing - please refer to the Summer Student Policy 2015


Summer Housing Dates:  Summer housing dates will be Sunday, May 17th through Saturday, August 1st. Students must arrange their internships, employment, or research to correspond within these dates. Students who are registered for a Summer Session I class will be permitted to move into summer housing the day before that class begins (Sunday, May 17th).

Housing Dates Requested:

Beginning Date:   End Date: 

If you selected Working a minimum of 35 hours/week for College:

What Department:  

Department Supervisor's name:  

If you selected an approved internship for college credit:

What academic department is your internship housed:  

Faculty advisor's/site supervisor's name:  


Meal Plan:

Students who are granted summer housing have three housing/meal plan options from which to choose.  Charges are based upon on a weekly rate  (Sunday - Saturday) and billed at the beginning of the summer for the time period indicated on a student's application.

Summer housing rate options for summer 2015 are:



Roommate Request:

Summer Housing will be located in Padua Hall for the Summer 2015.  All summer students will have two roommates as Padua rooms are triple occupancy rooms.  Students can select their roommate or the Residential Life will assign you a roommate.

Name of requested roommate #1:  

Name of requested roommate #2: 

* Should your roommate leave, please note that the College has the right to assign you a new roommate.  You will be required to have the room set up and ready for a new roommate at all times.  Failure to comply can result in student conduct charges and/or revocation of your summer housing eligibility status.


Summer Housing Policies:

Summer residents are expected to adhere to all Siena Life policies, in addition to:

  • Consideration Hours - Summer students are asked to keep all noise to a minimum.  Consideration hours will be in effect 24/7 for the duration of summer housing.
  • Summer Visitation Policy- Summer residents may host guests (both student and non-student) between 12 noon and 8 PM only.  No overnight guests are permitted and all guests must be registered, regardless of length of visit.