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Social Norms Campaign is just one action

The Social Norms Campaign is just one action Siena College has taken to approach high risk drinking on campus.

Here is what else we are doing:

  1. A mandatory online alcohol and drug education program is offered for incoming students (MyStudentBody.) Research shows this program leads to decreased high risk drinking upon entering college.  This learning is reinforced at New Student Orientation through creative programs that address the risks of alcohol and drug use and encourage healthy choices.
  2. On-going education programs educate and empower students to make healthy choices regarding alcohol and drug use, and to be active bystanders who safely intervene to address dangerous or problematic behaviors and attitudes.
  3. A variety of student engagement opportunities - including robust weekend and late-night programming - provide safe and fun alcohol and drug-free activities for students on and off-campus.
  4. Regular training educates and empowers residence life staff members to prevent, identify and intervene in alcohol related situations, as well as to provide healthy living environments on campus.
  5. Periodic review and revision to related student conduct polices and enforcement of these policies are conducted to promote a safe and healthy living and learning environment.
  6. Community outreach and environmental management efforts include collaboration with community partner such as:
  • Albany County Stop DWI
  • Albany County District Attorney’s Advisory Council
  • Local bars and retailers
  • Local police, EMS and hospitals