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Social Norms Campaign is just one action

The Social Norms Campaign is just one action Siena College has taken to approach high risk drinking on campus.

Here is what else we are doing:

  1. We provide an Alcohol.Edu online class for first year students. Research shows this class leads to decreased high risk drinking upon entering college.
  2. On-going education programs that inform students how to reduce high-risk drinking and educate them on the potential effects this behavior can have.
  3. Revised policy in 2006 to address these issues with additional changes made for 2010-2011.
  4. Training residence life staff members on how to prevent, identify and intervene in an alcohol related situations as well as how to provide healthy living environments on campus.
  5. Implementation of Red Watch Band program used to prevent toxic drinking, training students to know when medical intervention is needed and intervening to save another life.
  6. Community outreach and environmental management efforts including involvement with local groups such as:
  • Albany County Stop DWI
  • Albany County District Attorney’s Advisory Council
  • Local bars and retailers