Dr. Ellard Classes Taught


Dr. Peter Ellard


Courses I Teach at Siena


Here is a list of some of the courses that I have taught.

First Year Seminar 101: Science and Religion

Foundations 100  

Foundations 105

Religion 490: Seminar: Religion and Science 

Religion 315: American Catholicism  

Religion 355 The Catholic Tradition

Religion 101: Religion in Western Culture

Religion 270: Religion and the Environment  

Religion 301: The Reformation of Christendom 

Religion 141: Introduction to Religious Thought 

Religion 280: World Religions  

Religion 181: Experiences of the Sacred

Environmental Studies 120: Environmental Ethics



Courses I Have Taught at Other Colleges

World Philosophies                            World Religions

Introduction to Philosophy                  Religion in Film and Literature  

Ethics                                                 Environmental Ethics

Religion in America                            The Nature and Experience of Religion

American History I                              World Views and Values (Humanities/Introduction