Recent AMC Events


Recent Siena/AMC Events


Siena/AMC Picnic - September 2014

Each year we host a picnic for all our students, past students, and physicians to attend. This is a special time for students to mingle, and meet the new freshmen class.

Dr. LaRow with some members of the sophomore class (Siena 2017).

Dr. LaRow with some of the freshman Siena class of 2018.

Dr. LaRow with some of the members of the Siena class of 2014, getting away from their first year at AMC for a bit to join us!


Sophomore/Freshmen Lunch - September 2014

This fall our sophomores took the new freshmen class out to dinner. This year they went to Bucca di Beppo for an Italian meal. Here is the class of 2017 with the class of 2018.

The freshmen class of 2018.

The sophomore class of 2017.


Sophomore/Freshmen Lunch - Fall 2013

Each fall our sophomores take the new freshmen class out to lunch. This year they went to Bucca di Beppo for an Italian meal. Here is the class of 2016 with the class of 2017.


Winter Lunch In/Tour Sign Ups - Early 2013

Each winter, at the start of the new semester, our students get together for lunch and to sign up for tours for prospective students.

Our students (Casey, Christina, Ryan and Molly) signing up for tours.


Members of the senior class of 2013.

More of the senior class of 2013.

Some of the junior class of 2014.

Here are some of the students from the sophomore class of 2015.

Here are some of the students from the freshmen class of 2016.

St. Francis Inn - Philadelphia 2012

Every spring the senior class takes a trip to the St. Francis Inn in Philadelphia.  Here, the seniors prepare and serve lunch to the less fortunate over the weekend as one last service trip before graduation.

Cara & Meghann preparing desserts.. Yum!

The senior class at St. Francis Inn

Craig, Maggie, and Kelly W. after a long day of volunteering

Tara, Kelly P. and Cara packaging food items

Cara and Tara saying their goodbyes

 Junior Class Service

Part of the Junior Class fundraising to provide solar power to group in Haiti 

Siena/ AMC 25th Anniversary Celebration

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Siena/Albany Medical College Program.  To celebrate, there was a dinner and program at the Desmond Hotel on Saturday, October 8th.  In attendance were current students at Siena and Albany Medical College, graduates of the program and their spouses, a number of professors from each of the schools and supporters of the program throughout its 25 years.  The event commemorated the success of the program thus far, and celebrated the future growth of the program as it continues to create physicians who are academically talented, but also show compassion and a constant desire to help others.  

Student M.C.'s Steve Hannigan (Albany Med. 2nd year) and Cara Hannigan (Siena College Senior)


Albany Medical College President Jim Barba speaking about the Program


Siena College President Fr. Kevin Mullen, O.F.M. speaking about the Program


Everyone listening to the speeches


Dr. LaRow talking about the Program


Albany Med. Students Amy ____ and Sam Ogden singing


Siena Seniors Craig, Kelly, Mike, Maggie, Danny and Christie with a poster of their Summers of Service 


Dr. LaRow and his wife with Dr. Ray Walsh and _________


Co-founders of the Program Dr. Alan Miller and Dr. LaRow conversing


The Pacheco Family


Siena Senior Mike with Albany Med. Second-Year Sana


Albany Med. First-Years Charlotte and Lauren


Dr. LaRow hugging Cindy, who worked with the Program in Admissions for 25 years



Dr. LaRow and Dr. Alan Miller, co-founders of the Program


Siena Sophomores Molly, Lindsay, Brittany, Megha, Nikita, Mariam, Linda and Kelly


Dr. LaRow with two graduates of the Program



Albany Med. First-Year Students Charlotte, Lauren, Kate and J.T.



Second-Year Albany Med. Student Steve Hannigan with Fr. Greg


Dr. LaRow with Dr. Robert Paeglow and his wife Leane Paeglow. Dr. Paeglow teaches at Albany Med. and is known for his

"Compassion in Action" Campaign



Siena Graduation

Congratulations to the Siena Class of 2011!


Annual Spring Banquet 2011

Every year, the program holds a Spring Banquet and invites a guest speaker to share his or her thoughts and experiences.  This year the students were joined by Dr. Raymond Mis '83, who gave a talk entitled "Turning Life's Challenges into Life's Opportunities" as he spoke about overcoming great odds to continue practicing medicine despite becoming legally blind and having a hearing impairment.

Additionally, this was an opportunity to thank Cindy Soja for all of her hard work on the program for the last 25 years.  Cindy is retiring from the admissions office, and her bright smile and hugs will be missed.

Fr. Kevin Mullen, Dr. Raymond Mis '83, and Mrs. and Dr. LaRow


Cindy and the Class of 2011.  Thank you, Cindy!!


Summer of Service Slideshow 2011

This February, the seniors held the annual Summer of Service Slideshow in the library. The 14 seniors showed pictures and told stories from their sites to show the underclassmen their experience and to give them some inspiration for places and activities to participate in for their Summer of Services.

Jency and Ishani showing their presentation about their service in Madacascar

The underclassmen listening intently


Admissions Sign-up Lunch 2011

After winter break each year, Cindy, Lauren, and the rest of the admissions team hold a lunch for the students to sign-up to help with the tours and lunches for the AMC interviews.

Students signing up for tours

Some of the students posing with Dr. LaRow

Linda, Lindsay, and Mariam eating lunch


Class of 2014 Service

The freshman Class of 2014 participated in an event at a local food pantry.

Freshmen Megha, Julia, Ryan, Lindsay, and Mariam

Mariam and Julia getting ready to serve food


OD Heck Dance

Every semester the Siena students invite friends from O.D. Heck, a development center in Schenectady, to come on campus for an evening of dancing and fun.  This semester it was held on November 9th, 2010, and was a great success thanks to everyone who came and danced the night away.

Dancing around the room

Nik, Dr. LaRow, Ben, Rani, and Alyssa showing everyone how to do the YMCA.

Freshmen Julia, Linda, and Molly with a new friend.

Alyssa and a new friend

Freshmen Manju, Monika, Mariam, and Nikita with three new friends.


Senior Summer of Service Debriefing

On Thursday, September 30, the senior class of 2011 had a debriefing session with Dr. LaRow. They looked at each others pictures and told stories of their summer experience.

Nik showing his pictures to Marissa, Paul, John, JT, Gary, and Jency

Ashley showing her presentation to Jess, Ben, and Ishani

The Senior Class of 2011

Freshman - Sophomore Dinner 2010

To welcome the freshman class of 2014, the sophomore class invited them to the annual freshman-sophomore dinner. This year they went to Olive Garden.

The group of freshman and sophomores waiting inside the Olive Garden

Mike (S), Mariam (F), Megha (F), Manju (F), Kaitlyn (S), and Amanda (S) 


Niki (F), Nicole (S), Lindsay (F), Linda (F), and Alyssa (S)


25th Anniversary Picnic

The annual Siena/AMC picnic took place this year on September 16. This year was especially important because it marks the 25th anniversary of the Sien/AMC program. The event was held at 33 Fiddlers.


Dr. LaRow and Cindy Soja speaking to everyone

 Ryan, David, Robert, Kiko, Monika, and Brittney

Sophomores Antony, Josh, Dylan, Nicole, and Senior Nik



Dr. Kate Wagner addressing the group


Dr. LaRow introducing the freshman class of 2014


Aman (MS II), John, Nik, Indira (MS I), Paul, and Sobia (MS IV)



Senior Farewell Dinner

The senior class of 2010 had a farewell dinner with Dr. LaRow at Buca di Beppo for a final get together before their graduation. We wish them the best of luck in medical school.

The Emmaus House

The sophomore class of 2012 returned to the Emmaus house this past Saturday, April 17th.  This time, they planted vegetables and flowers to be grown for the community, as well as building two greenhouses in order to protect the plants and keep them warm until it officially becomes summertime.  Despite the rain, the work went well and the students got to try out their gardening skills.

Craig drilling the side of the garden box in order to make it into a greenhouse.

Meghan, Kelly, Kelly, Mike, Maggie, and Craig with the two finished and fully planted greenhouses.



Annual Spring Banquet- 2010

At this year's Annual Spring Banquet, Sister Anne Bryan Smollin came to speak about "Relieving Stress with Humor."  Her talk allowed the Siena students to laugh and enjoy themselves, as well as take a break and relax.

Seniors Ramy, Mal, Chris, and Nat

Juniors Jess, Gary, Marissa, Lauren, and Charlotte.

Juniors John, Nik, Paul, and J.T.

Freshmen Alyssa, Tina, Rani, and Josh.


OD Heck Dance

The annual OD Heck Dance was held this year on March 23, 2010. OD Heck is a developmental center in nearby Schenectady, NY and autism program. Each year the Siena/AMC program hosts a dance for the people at OD Heck. As always, it was a success and a fun night enjoyed by all.



Group picture before the dancing began.

Indira dancing with a new friend

Katie learning how to ballroom dance.

Ishani and Dolores

Monica dancing with a friend


The Emmaus House

On Saturday, March 27th, the Siena sophomores went to the Emmaus House, which is run by Albany Catholic Worker. It is housed by a husband and wife who have three young children, who have chosen to live among the poor and serve them in multiple ways, including having three rooms in their home open to anyone who needs a place to stay. The Emmaus House also collects toilet paper and other necessities that people cannot get on food stamps. The students were able to help them prepare all of their gardens in which they plant produce for anyone who needs food within the inner city. They will be returning to the house in April and will be purchasing some vegetables and planting them, as well as collecting toiletries and other useful items.

Kelly cleaning up the area

Kelly, Tara, and Christie fixing up the garden

 The Class of 2012 and Carol, age 7


Global Civic Engagement Conference

Indira Dhandapani '10 and Dr. LaRow presented at a conference for Global Civic Engagement. They discussed the importance of volunteering as well as the many volunteer projects headed by the Siena/AMC program, specifically the Summer of Service.


Honoring the Senior Class of 2010

At the last Siena Men's Basketball home game, the Senior Class of 2010 was honored by TrustCo Bank for their commitment to service. The Seniors were presented at half-time according to their Summer of Service site and what they accomplished. They were warmly acknowledged by the Siena community for their great work.


The Seniors with the game mascot before half-time

Seniors with the game Mascot before half-time

Seniors on the court at half-time


Siena-AMC Annual Fall Picnic

This year marked the 24th annual Siena and AMC fall picnic.  Hosted on Siena College's campus, the picnic allows the current Siena students as well as Siena graduates who are current students at Albany Medical College to get together for an afternoon.  The 8 classes were able to become reacquainted and share their summer experiences with one another, and the Siena freshmen class of 2013 was introduced to the group. 


Kay, Amanda, and Nathalie


2nd Year Med Students Taylor, Amy, Victoria, and Ali 


Siena Freshmen Monica, Katie, Kaitlyn, and Nicole


Kay, Paul, John, and Chris



Freshmen-Sophomore Dinner 2009

Every fall, the Siena-Albany Medical Program has a tradition where the sophomore class takes the incoming freshmen out to dinner in order to welcome them.  This year, the sophomores took the Class of 2013 out to Red Robin.  The two groups chatted over dinner about life at Siena and answered questions about the program.


The Siena Classes of 2012 and 2013 at Red Robin this Fall.



AMC Debriefing Dinner 2009

The Siena College senior class of 2010 was able to meet for an evening at the beginning of the fall semester in order to tell stories from their experiences abroad on the summer of service over dinner.  This dinner was held at Dr. LaRow's house, making for a warm environment and an enjoyable home-cooked meal while the 10 students showed their pictures and shared thoughts from the experience.  This year's senior class spend their Summer of Service in a wide variety of countries across the world, including Kenya, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, and the Philippines.


The Class of 2010 sharing their experiences abroad.


Mal, Ramy, and Chris


Dr. LaRow and the Class of 2010.