2009-10 Program

January 27th 4:00 pm RB 202 Professor Paul Finkelman of Albany Law will be speaking on: “Affirmative Action for the Master Class: The Legacy of Our Pro-Slavery Constitution. For more information go to www.paulfinkelman.com (Co-sponsored with the MLK Lecture Series)

February 18th 4:00 pm RB 202 Peter Ellard, the MLK Advisory Board Chair will be speaking on: "A Long Way From Birmingham: Rev. Wright, President Obama and the Santa Clausification of MLK"(Co-sponsored with the MLK Lecture Series and the Foundations Sequence)

March 8th 7:00 pm RB 202 Screening of the Film "Before They Die"Reginald Turner, Executive Director The Tulsa Project, Inc. who worked on the film will be present to address the audience.

March 25th 7:00 SSU 241-3 A lecture by Peter Balakian, author, poet and professor at Cornell University

Niebuhr also supports the MLK lecture which will take place on April 7th, 7:00 pm ARC The 2010 Lecture delivered by Dr. Charles Ogletree.

Fall 2009

Wednesday November 11th, 4:00 Key Auditorium RB 202

Violence, the Death Penalty and Forgiveness: A Conversation with the Brother of the "Unabomber" and One of the "Unabomber's" Victims