Computational Science at Siena


An interdepartmental approach to exploration, experimentation and sophisticated solutions

Major and minor offered


Most of the problems facing today’s organizations do not rest solely within a single knowledge domain. Companies, institutes and governments are relying more and more on computational technology to further their strategic and operational goals.
Multi-faceted problems such as weather forecasting, epidemiology,environmental studies and new product development place great demands on scientists. Utilizing a combination of mathematics, computer science and physics, computational science provides a multi-skilled approach to tackling complex problems. 
Students majoring in computational science will find this discipline in great demand to employers. Completing seven courses in each of the three curricular areas, they develop the ability to understand complex phenomena, to create mathematical models, and to be able to simulate them numerically.These skills in many fields, including:
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Energy
  • Automotive design
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Electronics
The minor in computational science requires three courses in each of the three departments. 
Computational cience at Siena is a demanding program led by a diverse and accomplished faculty. At the same time, it is a rewarding program that provides students with strong and valued capabilities, opportunities for joint research projects with faculty, and excellent options for graduate school and careers.