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Consumer Sentiment Archives


May 06, 2014 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY trails Nation’s Sentiment; First Since August NY Loses Optimism Derby
• Current Index Up, Especially Men, Young & Low Income, Driven by ‘Good Time to Buy’
• Most Buying Plans Weaken; Gas & Food Worries Remain High  
Summary Trends      Buying Plans      Gas and Food

April 02, 2014 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Long Hard Winter Takes Toll; Sentiment Down for 2nd Month in a Row
• Willingness to Spend Off Sharply Among Women, Younger NY’ers, Upstaters & Dem’s
• Gas & Food Worries Way Up; Plans to Buy Cars Fall while Home Improvements, Furniture & Electronics on the Rise
Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

March 05, 2014 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• National Consumer Sentiment Flat; New York Dips; Sits at Breakeven Point
• NYC, Upper Income, Men & Republicans Drop; Upstate Up this Month
• Endless Winter Blankets Most Buying Plans; But Car Fever Heats Up; Gas & Food Worries off Historic Highs Still Affect More than Half
Summary Trends      Buying Plans     Gas and Food 


February 05, 2014 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Up 4 Points; Current Outlook Strong; Future Yet to Be Convinced
• Rep’s Jump, Still Trail Dem’s; Future Droops with Older, Higher Income & Upstaters
• Strong Uptick in Homes, Furniture Buying Plans Points to Active Spring; Gas Burden Down 
Summary Trends      Buying Plans      Gas and Food

January 14, 2014 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• 2013 Ends with Sentiment Decline in all Areas Except Steady Long Island
• Only NYC Positive about Future;  All Others Stronger Current than Future
• All Area Down from This Time a Year Ago; Over 10% Drop Binghamton, Mid Hudson, NYC and Rochester
Quarterly Trends     Buying Plans     Graph

January 06, 2014 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Consumer Sentiment Flat, Trails Nation, Down 5% from a Year Ago
• Higher Income NY’ers’ Spirits Up; Dem’s, Young, Lower Income Biggest Losers in 2013
• Taking Stock Heading into 2014: 30% Optimistic, 40% Pessimistic; Young, $100K+ Most Hopeful; Republicans, Low Income See   Half Empty Glass 


December 04, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Consumer Sentiment Recovers from October Slide; Up Nearly 4 Points
• Future Outlook Brightens but Doesn’t Shine; Only 26% Expect to Be Better Off in a Year
• 38% Plan Tech Buy as Holiday Shopping Season Opens;  Gas Concerns Lowest since 2010
Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

November 08, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Consumer Sentiment Falls Sharply; Lowest Since December 2011
• Dem’s Still Top Rep’s but Down 15 Points from a Year Ago
• Gas Price Concern Lowest in 3 Years; Homebuying only Plan up from Last Year
Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

October 09, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Sentiment Softens across NY in 3rd Quarter as National Quagmire Bubbles
• Future Outooks Drops in all Regions; Overall up only in Buffalo, Slightly;
• Utica Tumbles into Economic Cellar
• NYC only Region above Breakeven; Buying Plans Mixed
Quarterly Trends     Buying Plans      Graph

October 02, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Consumer Sentiment Up; Nation Falters as Partisan D.C. Stalemates
• Future Outlook in NY 7 Points Above Worried National Projection
• Strong Buying Plans: Housing Ties 5-Year High, Furniture Jumps by 28%
Summary Trends      Buying Plans      Gas and Food


September 04, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Consumer Sentiment Slips; Falls to 20 Month Low
• Future Outlook Down 10 Points from Fall 2012; Fewer Expect Better Days Coming
• All Buying Plans Soften; Gas and Food Worries on the Rise

Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

August 07, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• National Confidence Now 10 Points Higher than NY; Sentiment among Women, Upstaters & Young Fall Hardest
• Current Outlook Much Weaker in NY than Nation; Long-term Hopes Wilting From Summer Heat
• More than a Third of NY’ers Plan to Purchase Consumer Electronics in Next Six Months

Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

July 11, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Sentiment Rebounds all Areas Outside NYC 
• NYC, Highest Overall, Drops for Second Consecutive Quarter; 
Syracuse, Albany Cross Breakeven Point; Utica Shows Largest Gain
• Current Confidence Greater than Future; Buying Plans Strengthen 
Quarterly Trends     Buying Plans     Graphs

July 05, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Consumer Optimism Grows; 2nd Month in a Row – Index tops Breakeven
• Overall, Future, Current Indices all 23 to 27 Points Higher than this Time Five Years Ago 
• All Buying Plans Increase as 48% Say It’s a Good Time to Buy; Home Improvements, Furniture Highest in Six Years; Gas and Food Worries Lessen
Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

June 05, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Sentiment Climbs into Positive Territory; National Confidence Soars 
• Republicans, Upstate & Upper Income Biggest Gainers; Democrats Remain Most Optimistic
• Short Term Buying Plans Soften; Food & Gasoline Prices Less of a Concern as Summer Arrives

Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

May 09, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• As Wall Street Soars, Consumer Sentiment Languishes
• All U.S. Markets up 15 to 18% from a Year Ago; Overall Consumer Index Virtually Unchanged
• Gas Price Drops Lesson Concern; Food Worries Rise
• Home Buying Plans Up; Signals Increased Economic Activity
Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

April 10, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• 1st Quarter 2013; Confidence Down in Every Area
• Only NYC Remains Positive; Upstate Falls Furthest; Utica Weakest
• Future Outlook Erodes, 4 to 11 Points
• Buying Plans For Major Goods Weaken; Most Upstate Areas Below Historic Averages
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph

April 03, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Sentiment Falls Nearly 3 Points in NY; Nation Up 1
• Index, Collective Financial Psyche Treads Water at ‘So-So’
• Gas Worries Rise 2nd Month in a Row; Food Concerns Remain High;
Some Pent up Demand for Big Ticket Items about to Blossom
Summary Trends     Buying Plans      Gas and Food

March 06, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Sentiment Rebounds in NY and Nation Despite Sequester Scare
• Bullish Democrats Up Sharply; Republicans Remain Pessimistic
• Negative Impact of Gas Prices Increases; Home Buying Poised for Active Spring
Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

February 06, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Consumer Sentiment Down for Second Month in a Row
• Dem’s, Women, Young & Low Income Fall; Upper Income only Group Showing Gain
• Food Price Concern Increases; Home Buying Plans Up as Spring Nears
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

January 10, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence Up in Every Region Across 4th Quarter of 2012
• All Areas Increase 10% to 28% Over a Year Ago
• Most Buying Plans Up; Cars, Computers, Furniture Strongest
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph

January 03, 2013 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Consumer Sentiment Drops 2 Points to End 2012; Nation’s Score Plummets
• Confidence 10 Pts above a Year Ago; Future Outook Guardedly Optimistic as New Year Begins
• Gas Worries Down; Food Concerns Rise; All Buying Plans Drop
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food


December 07, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Despite Sandy, Fiscal Cliff, Consumer Sentiment Reaches 5 Year Peak
• Post Election:  Dems’ Confidence Soaring as NY Reps Have Dismal Outlook
• Buying Plans All Up Dramatically; Food, Gas Concerns Down Sharply
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

November 09, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Nation’s Confidence Up Strongly; NY Flat This Month, but Positive
• Upstate, Rep’s Gain; Dem’s, Upper Income, Young, NYC & Men Lead Optimism Race
• Food Price Concerns Jump;  Buying Plans Up For Computers, Down Sharply for Homes
Summary Trends    Buying Plans     Gas and Food

October 10, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence Up 8% to 29% in Every Region Over Last Year
• NYC Strongest Overall; Binghamton, Mid-Hudson Show Large One-Year Increases
• Buying Plans Mixed; Consumers Approaching Historic Purchasing Patterns
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph

October 03, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Sentiment in NY Reaches Five Year High
• U.S. & NY Future Prospects Brighten;NY’ers See Improving Business & Personal Finances
• Dems’ Confidence Soars; Rep’s Low and Stagnant; Largest Gap Between Parties Ever
• Gas &Food Worries Persist;Buying Plans Up - Furniture, Cars; Return to Pre-Recession Rates
Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

September 05, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence Hovers at Breakeven Point; Nation Up 2 Points, NY Down 1.5
• Republicans, Upstate, Women, Older NY’ers & Lower Income Drop
• National Index Up 11 Points, NY Up 16 From 08/2008; NY Dem’s Up 30, Rep’s Down 8
• Gas Worries Jump 4 Points, Food Concerns Remain High; Both Lower than in 2008
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

August 06, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Confidence Up Slightly Led by Women, Upper Income & Democrats
• Empire State Future Outlook 10 Points Higher Than National; Current Trails U.S. by Nearly 8
• Home Improvement Plans Greatest since 3/10; Dem’s down, Rep’s Up on Gas Price Worry
Summary Trends      Buying Plans      Gas and Food

July 11, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• 2nd Quarter 2012: Confidence Continues to Climb in Albany, Buffalo, Mid-Hudson, Rochester; Falls in Utica, Syracuse and NYC
• All Areas Up from a Year Ago; Increases from 7% to 27%
• NYC, Albany, Rochester Most Optimistic; Utica, Binghamton Most Pessimistic
• Across All Regions, 2/3rds of Buying Plans Drop; Still 42% at or above Historic Average
Quarterly Trends   Buying Plans   Graph

July 05, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence Falls Nationally, Dips in New York as Temperature Rises
• NY’ers More Optimistic than Nation about the Future; Less Satisfied Today
• Gas Price Worries Lowest since Fall ’10; Home Buying Intent Remains Strong
Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

June 04, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Consumer Confidence Up; Highest Since Summer of 2007
• Plans to Purchase Homes Reach Five Year Peak; Nearly 6% in Real Estate Market
• Gas and Food Worries Lighten; Pump Price Relief Buoys Consumer Current Mood
 Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

May 03, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Overall Confidence Down Slightly; Republicans, NYC, Drop Sharply;
Current Outlook Fell as Gas Prices Rose
• Future Outlook Brightest among Dem’s; NYC, Young, Men and High Income Remain Hopeful
• Plans to Buy Cars and Homes Up Strongly; 2/3rds Worry about Gas and Food
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

April 11, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Huge Gains: Consumer Confidence on the Upswing in all New York Regions
• NYC, Rochester Lead the Way; All Regions Highest since 2007
• Most Buying Plans Up; Home Improvements, Furniture Strongest;    
New Frugal Normal Giving Way to Old Normal Consumer Purchase Plans
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph

April 04, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• New York Consumer Confidence Inches Upwards Despite Gas & Food Worries
• NYC, Dem’s, Young & Higher Income all Bullish; Upstate, Rep’s, Older & Lower Income Lag
• Rising Sentiment Tide Not Lifting Buying Plans; Spring Shopping a Fraction of Old Times
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

February 29, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• New York, U.S. Consumer Confidence Hold Steady at Breakeven Point
• Seniors, Upstaters, Men & Higher Income Inch Upwards;  The Young, Women & NYC Droop
• Buying Plans all Fall; Food Less a Hardship; Nearly 60% and Rising Worried about Gas
Summary Trends      Buying Plans       Gas and Food

February 1, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Confidence Surges; All Groups of NY’ers, All Regions Up
• Major Breakthrough: Dems, Young, Higher Income, NYC and Men All Now More Optimistic than Pessimistic;
Women, Older NY’ers Close to Breakeven; Future Brightens for Low Income
• Intent to Buy Accelerates; Cars Highest Since ’07, Furniture, Remodeling Show Signs of Rally
Summary Trends    Buying Plans   Gas and Food

January 10, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Rochester Tops Confidence Derby in 4th Quarter
• Future Confidence Up Everywhere except Syracuse; Despite Increases,
All Areas Remain More Pessimistic than Optimistic
• Buying Plans for Cars, Computers, Furniture Trending Upwards; Shopping Sprees for
All Items Most Likely in Rochester, Capital Region; Least Likely in Mid-Hudson, Syracuse
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph

January 04, 2012 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• 2011 Ends With Consumer Confidence Rally; NY Up 5 Points; U.S. Up Nearly 6
• Despite Growing Optimism, Buyers Still Cautious; Major Purchase Plans Flat and Weak
• Gasoline Remains Hardship for 59%; Groceries a Worry for 71%
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food


December 07, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

•Consumer Confidence Rallies as Economic News, Jobs, Spending Trend Higher
• Older NY’ers, Democrats Lead Uptick, Younger Residents Lag
• 56% See Gas Prices as Hardship, Lowest this Year
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

November 2, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

•Despite Recent Stock Market Gains Consumer Confidence Remains Weak
•NY Current Outlook at Lowest Point Since Depths of Recession in ‘08
•Food Prices – A Concern for Nearly Three Quarters of New Yorkers
Summary Trends  Buying Plans  Gas and Food

October 12, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Stock Market Roller Coaster Leaves Consumer Confidence Low and Flat
• NY Trails Nation’s Current Outlook, Exceeds Country’s Future View
• Gas and Food Slightly Less Hardship but Majority Say Year Ahead will Remain Lean
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

October 3, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Capital Region Only Area to Increase; Leaps from 7th to 2nd
• Future Confidence Down Everywhere; Utica, Binghamton Barely Surviving Economic Flood; NYC Tops But Sinking; Mid-Hudson Under Water
• Current Outlook Jumps in Albany; Steady LI and Syracuse; Drops all Other Regions
• Buying Plan Decreases Outnumber Increases 2 to 1
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph

August 31, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• National Confidence Frighteningly Low; NY’s Better But Lowest Since Feb '09
• Double Dip Debate: Sentiment Points to Recession, Buying Plans Say ‘No’
• Groceries a Hardship for 71%, Gas for 62%; Home Buying Plans Highest in Four Years
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

August 03, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Debt Ceiling Debate Results: U.S. Consumer Confidence Plummets; NY’s Falls
• Future Outlook Hits 2011 Low; Most Now Expect Prolonged Economic Troubles
• Weak Demand for Major Purchases Persist; Cars Hit 12 Month Low
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

July 08, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Pessimism Continues Across All Empire State Areas
• Overall Confidence:  NYC Tops but Turvy; Utica, Binghamton in Deep Doldrums; Mid Hudson Rising; Long Island Sinking; Rochester, Syracuse Up but Weak; Albany, Buffalo Slipping
• Bleak Future Brightest in NYC, Mid-Hudson, Weakest in Buffalo, Utica, Binghamton
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph

July 05, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Willingness to Spend Drops; Confidence Slips Among NY’ers
• Despite Drop in Gas Prices, 2/3rds Continue to Dread Filling Up
• No Movement on Plans to Buy Major Items; Soft, Reluctant Consumer Demand Persists
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

June 08, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Confidence Up Slightly, Remains Weak; NY Lags Behind U.S.
• Drop in Gas Prices Relief to Some; 2/3’s Still Worried about Fuel, 72% about Food
• No Sign of Early Summer Spending as All Buying Plans Wither
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

May 02, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence Down in NY; Consumer Recovery Stalls
• Gas and Food Prices Hardship for 72%
• Buying Plans Up for Cars, Highest Since June ’07; Homes, Remodeling Soft as Spring Blooms
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

April 06, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NYC and Long Island Pull Away from Pack; Downstate Gaining Strength, Upstate Stagnant
• Current Outlook Drops across Upstate; Increases Downstate; Future Brightens for NYC, Remains Gloomy Upstate
• Buying Plans Generally Down; Greatest Uptick in Major Home Improvements
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph

March 30, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Confidence Weak but Steady; NY Equal to Nation Overall, Tops U.S. on Future, Trails Nation on Current
• Concern Over Gas and Food Up Again; 65% Worried about Fuel, 70% about Groceries
• Buying Plans Droop for Cars, Computers, Furniture and Home Improvements
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

March 09, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Volatile February Torpedoes Confidence; Overall, Current & Future All Sink
• Gas Price Concern Highest Since Fall of 2008; Up for 5th Consecutive Month as Prices Soar
• Pent Up Demand Keeps Buying Plans Elevated – For Now - for Furniture, Cars & Home Improvements
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

February 04, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Confidence Soars:  Consumer Sentiment Highest Since Summer '07
• NY’ers Far More Optimistic about Future than National Rate; Every Demographic Group Up; NYC Leads the Way, Upstate Rebounds
• Intent to Buy Cars, Furniture Hit 3 ½ Year Highs; Gas Pump Price Worry Creeps Upwards
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

January 13, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence Rallies Across 4th Quarter; Big Gains in Western NY, Albany Stagnant
• Future Brightest in NYC & Long Island; Current Confidence Jumps in Syracuse, Buffalo and Rochester
• Buying Plans Trending Up; Buffalo Sees Biggest Increases; Demand Up for Computer, Furniture
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph

January 05, 2011 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• 2010: Year of Steady Consumer Worry Ends with Flat NY Trailing National Confidence
• Cautious, Concerned Consumers Willing to Spend Carefully
• Rising Prices Lead to Two Year High in Gas Price Concern
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food


December 06, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Third Month in a Row; Consumer Confidence Up, Another Baby Step
• NY Trails Nation on Overall and Current; NY Tops Nation on Future Outlook
• Rising Gas Prices Spike Concern; Long Term Buying Plans Flat
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

November 23, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• 57% Plan Same Spending This Year; Only 4% Increasing Holiday Budget
• Two-thirds to Spend Under $600; 23% Budget $1000 or More
• 3/4’s Have Christmas Tree; Artificials Top Real; 30% Believe in Santa

November 08, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Current, Future, Overall - Consumer Confidence Up in NY This Month
• National Confidence Slides, NY Trails Nation on Current, Stronger on Future
• Buying Plans All UP from Weak Recent Numbers; Gas Price Concerns Jump
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

October 11, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Current Confidence down in Every Region of State; Consumers Continue to Cringe
• Future Outlook Up in Binghamton, Buffalo, LI, Mid-Hudson and Albany; Still Long Way to Optimism
• Short Term Buying Plans Show Little Hope for Holiday Surge
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph

October 06, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Dreary Statewide Consumer Outlook Unchanged 
• Despite Flat Line Confidence Curve, Buying Plans Up for Homes, Cars, Furniture & Computers
• Pressure at Gas Pump and Grocery Line Ease for New Yorkers
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

September 02, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Statewide Consumer Non-Confidence Persists; No Signs of Recovery
• Republicans Hit Record Low in Future Confidence; Most See Continuing Bad Times Ahead
• Buying Plans: Cars & Trucks at all-time Low; Home Buying Remains in Basement
Summary Trends    Buying Plans     Gas and Food     

August 04, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Confidence Plummets Nationally; NY Steady, but Lower than U.S.
• Majority of NY’ers Predict Five Tough Years; Dems, NYC and the Young Slightly More Upbeat, Upstate Outlook Dismal
• Home Buying Plans at Record Low; Gas Price Worries Up, Food Cost Concerns Lessen
Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

July 14, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Overall Confidence Seesaws across State as Current Outlook Climbs while Future Drops
• Current Confidence Moves towards Breakeven Point in Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester and Albany;
  But, Only NYC Predicts OK Future, Others Down in LI to Dismal in Binghamton
• Buying Plans Trending Up Slightly; Plurality say, “Good time to buy, if you have the cash”
• Quarterly Trends Buying Plans Graph
 Quarterly Trends     Buying Plans     Graph

July 07, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Consumer Confidence Sinks; Overall and Future Lowest since Spring '09
• Older NY’ers, NYC and Men Drop Most in June; Upstate and Republicans See Bleak Future
• All Buying Plans Fall; Little Consumer Spending in Sight; Gas Price Relief Small Lifeline
Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

June 11, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY State Consumer Confidence Crawling Upwards
• Current Outlook Climbing Across All Groups While Future Forecast Lags: Current Up 5 Future Down 3 over last Year
• Highest Intent to Purchase Since Aug ’08 for Homes, April ’07 Computers, Oct ’07 Cars
Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food

May 07, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Melancholy Little Changed; NY Sentiment Up 1.3 Points, Nation Down 1.4
• Democrats Expect Far Better Economic Future than do Republicans
• No Buying Surge Planned; Now 3 Years Since Retailer Good Times
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas and Food

April 16, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Overall Confidence Inching Upward in Six of Nine Regions; Mid-Hudson, Utica Lag
• Future Outlook Brightens in NYC; All Others Remained Braced for Difficult Economic Times Ahead
• By 3 to 2, Buying Plans Up; Binghamton, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse Expect Spring Spending
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph

April 07, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Weak Consumer Confidence Unchanged in NY and the Nation; State Trails U.S.
• Tough Current Economic Outlook Holding Steady for Most, Rep’s More Upbeat,
• Future Holds Little Promise across Board, Dem’s Most Optimistic, Upstaters Dismal
• Buying Plans Bounce Back for Furniture and Home Improvements; Homes Plummet
Summary Trends     Buying Plans     Gas and Food


March 03, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence Drops; Weary Consumers Wary of Economy:  Slow to Spend
• Majority of NY’ers Predict Bad Business Conditions for 2010 and Beyond
• Home Buying Looks to Rebound, Cars Down; Gas Prices Pinching Again
Summary Trends   Buying Plans   Gas and Food

February 03, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence Continues to Climb but Job Worries and Cash Problems Persist
• Current Sentiment Highest in Two Years; NY’ers Say “Good Time to Buy, If You Can”
• NYC, Dem’s, Young and Women See Brightening Future; Upstaters Most Wary
Summary Trends   Buying Plans   Gas and Food

January 13, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Confidence in All Areas:  Up from a Year Ago
• This Quarter:  Utica Up, NYC and Rochester Fall, Albany, Mid-Hudson, Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton and Long Island Flat
• Computers – Up in Every Area - Lead Otherwise Soft Buying Plans
Quarterly Trends   Buying Plans   Graph

January 6, 2010 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Consumer Confidence Stagnates This Month as National Current Rate Rises
• Compared to Last Year: More Expect Better Year Personally, Fewer See Statewide Bad Times
• Computer Buying Plans on the Rise; All Buying Plans up from a Year Ago
Summary Trends   Buying Plans   Gas and Food


December 4, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• No Consumer Recovery Yet; Willingness to Spend, Today, Tomorrow Sags
• Strongest Weak Economy Downstate; Upstate Coping But No More Optimistic than Last Year
• Computer Buying Plans Hit Two-Year High
• Concern over Gas/Food Prices Increases as Winter Arrives
Summary Trends   Buying Plans   Gas and Food

October 07, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence More Up than Down; NYC Future Outlook Tops
• Jobless Recovery with Little Spending Spreads across NY; Utica, Binghamton Slowest to Rebound
• At Least It’s not ’08; Index up 12% but Buying Plans Flat
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph

September 29, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• National Confidence Surges towards “Not Bad”; New York Lags Behind
• Downstate Sees Brightening Future, Upstate Remains Pessimistic
• Buying Plans Flat; Most Consumers Reluctant to Spend
• Concern over Gas/Food Prices Stable but High
Summary Trends   Buying Plans   Gas and Food

September 1, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• State Consumer Confidence Climbs Upwards as Future Concerns Fade Away
• NY Index Tops National;  Democrats, NYC Lead Optimism, Upstaters, Republicans Lag
• New Economic Normal Setting In:  Confidence Up, Buying Plans Down
• Gasoline Worries Vaporizing; Down 30 Points from Summer ’08
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas & Food Prices

July 31, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

Overall NY Consumer Confidence Unchanged in July; Nation Down
Democrats Top State Willingness to Spend, Republicans Least Optimistic
• Car Buying Plans Highest Since Oct ’07; Gas and Food Prices Still Draining Consumers
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas & Food Prices

July 8, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence Climbing in Nearly All Regions; NYC, LI to Albany Leading the Way
• Pessimism Persists in Western NY; Consumers Up from the Bottom But Remain Wary
• Plans to Buy Cars, Furniture and Home Improvements Increase in Most Areas
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph

July 1, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Confidence Comeback Stalls; NY Drops and Trails Nation’s Numbers
• No Buying Rally Despite Ad’s and Bargains; Gas and Food Cost Impact Increasing
• Majority of NY’ers Still Say "I’m worse off today than a year ago"
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas & Food Prices 

June 2, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Sentiment Surges; Index Approaches Pre-Recession Numbers
• Overall Buying Plans Flat; Young, Upper Income, Men and Republicans Most Likely to Spend
• Gas Price Increases Have Immediate Effect;  Upstate, Lower Income Hardest Hit
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas & Food Prices  

May 5, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Overall Consumer Confidence Up; NY Highest Since Feb ‘08
• Majority Still Say I’m Worse Off Today than Last Year and Brace for Tough Times
• Buying Plans Bounce Up for Homes, Down for Remodeling and Furniture
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas & Food Prices  

April 8, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Upstate, Downstate, Consumer Confidence Increases over 1st Quarter
• Willingness to Spend Greatest in NYC, Long Island, Lowest in Buffalo, Albany Nears Bottom
• Buying Plans Rise; But, No Shopping Spree in Sight
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans    Graph  

April 1, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Confidence Steadies:  Up from the Fall, but Far From Robust
• Gas and Food Prices Continue to Hit Upstaters, Low Income and Women Hardest
• Spring Welcomes Mild Increase in Buying Plans for Home Improvements and Furniture
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas & Food Prices   

March 6, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Future Confidence:  NY’ers Up, Nation Down
• Impact of Gas and Food Prices Hurting Current Outlook
• All Buying Plans Increase; Mild Consumer Stimulus Possible
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas & Food Prices 

February 4, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence Creeps Upwards as Weary Consumers Adjust to New Economy
• Majority of NY’ers:  Worse off than Last Year and Expect Bad Business Conditions Ahead
• Buyers Start to See Bargains, Slow to Spend
Summary Trends    Buying Plans    Gas & Food Prices  

January 13, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence Erodes as ’08 Ends; Consumers Brace for Difficult Year
• Majority in Every Region:  “I’m worse off today than I was a year ago”
• Consumer Spending Unlikely to Pull Economy Out of Recession
Quarterly Trends    Buying Plans  

January 5, 2009 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Dismal Economic Year Ends with Consumer Confidence Up from Worse to Bad
• Buying Plans Remain Stagnant; Down 15 to 42% From Last New Year’s
• Cheap Gas Little Solace for Worried New Yorkers
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December 5, 2008 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Index Tops National; Hope for Better Tomorrow Drags Index from Depths
• Buying Plans Show Little Promise; Down 15% to 44% from Last Year
• Gas Financial Crisis Over, for now; Food Still Devouring Consumer Cash
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November 7, 2008 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NY Index Falls to New Record Low; Current Willingness to Spend Dismal
• Consumers Grasp Gas Relief Lifeline
• Buying Plans All Fall; Computer Demand Lowest Ever; Homes, Furniture Lowest Since ‘01
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October 10, 2008 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• New York Confidence Lags behind Nation
• NY 10 to 20 Points Back on Every Index
• Gas Pains Ease;  Food Prices Still Biting
• Buying Plans Low and Stagnant;  Down 10% to 32% from Fall ‘07
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October 1, 2008 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Current Outlook Down, Future Up; Overall Index Lifts Slightly
• All Areas Confidence Drops 20% to 33% from Year Ago
• Consumers Postpone Purchases in Record Numbers
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September 3, 2008 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Willingness to Spend Rebounds: NY Index Approaches Nation’s
• Home Buying Plans Highest since September ‘07
• Future Outlook Brightens for Most; Upstate Lags
• Lower Gas Prices Ease Consumer Burden

July 30, 2008 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Statewide Consumer Confidence Up a Tick; NY Lags Behind Nation
• Auto Buying Plans at Record Low
• Overall Willingness to Spend Drops by 34% from Last Summer

July 10, 2008 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Another Record Low for Statewide Confidence
• All NY’ers Feeling the Pinch; Future Outlook Darkens
• 2/3’s Suffering from Gas and Food Price Epidemic

July 1, 2008 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Confidence Plummets to Record Low, Everywhere
• Willingness to Spend Down by 1/3 Since Spring ‘07
• Rebate Checks Provide No Bounce

June 3, 2008 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Seven Month Slide Ends;  State Confidence Levels
• Dismal Future Outlook Upstate;  But NY’ers Slightly more Optimistic than Nation
• No Buying Surge in Sight

May 8, 2008 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Another Record Low in Consumer Confidence for State
• Women, Upper Income and Republicans Lead the Fall
• Buying Plans Leveling but Down 15% to 35% from Last Year

April 11, 2008 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence Low and Falling;  NYS Slips Further Behind National Rate
• Spring Fails to Sprout Optimism;  State Future Index Dismal, Upstate Slammed
• Home Buying Stabilizes, Renovation Plans Increase

April 2, 2008 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Confidence Collapse Covers State;  All Areas down
• Upstate, Downstate – Index falls 20 to 30 Points Since 1st Quarter ‘07
• Buying Plans Leveling;  Consumers Sensing Bottom

January 2008 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Statewide Index down 25 points from a year ago; Historic bottom
• Young People Hit Hard: Down 9+ points
• Buying Plans Down; Future Indicator Hits New Low


November 2007 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Confidence Down Again; Lowest since Spring ‘03
• Low Income NY’ers’ Outlook Hits Bottom
• Auto Buying Drops; Home Purchasing Rebounds Slightly

October 2007 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Future Confidence Upstate Plummets: Ties Record Low
• Overall NYS Consumer Sentiment Lowest in Five Years
• Concern Grows Among Seniors, Higher Income Households

Third Quarter 2007 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Confidence in New York City Plummets
• Capital Region Alone Sees Silver Lining
• Binghamton and Utica Down Today and Tomorrow

September 2007 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Monthly Consumer Confidence: Upstate Up – Downstate Down
• Metro New York City Lowest in Four Years
• Slight Up Tick in Buying Plans

August 2007 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Confidence Plummets
• New York and the Nation both hit 2007 Lows
• Buying Plans for Major Purchases Lowest in Five Years

July 2007 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NYS Consumer Confidence down; Nation up
• Home buying plans hit yearly low
• All buying plans down

Second Quarter 2007 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Consumer Confidence down across the board
• Buying plans mostly down

June 2007 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NYS Overall Consumer Confidence only 3 points below nation
• NYS Future Confidence almost 2 points above nation
• Upstate bounces back

May 2007 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NYS Consumer Confidence for May Drops 3rd Straight Month; Down almost 10 points since February
• Upstaters and young take biggest hit;
• Buying plans down


August 2006 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• NYS Consumer Confidence for August down 2.4 pts
• NYS is 21.6 pts below Nation’s current confidence, but NYS future confidence is above the Nation
• Republicans take big hit on future confidence

Second Quarter 2006 - (Consumer Sentiment)

• Second Quarter Consumer Confidence in New York State:
• NYC Plummets; Albany Regains #1
• Only Binghamton and Syracuse Up
• Future Confidence Lower Than Current Confidence in All Cities