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Siena NY Polls Archives


April 21, 2014 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Head-to-Head, Cuomo Leads Astorino by 30 Points; But By Only 15 Points In 3-Way Race with Liberal WFP Candidate
• Most Voters Know Little About Moreland Commission; Overwhelmingly Side with Fed Prosecutor Over Governor That Moreland Should Have Continued
• Schneiderman & DiNapoli Each Unknown to More Than Half of Voters; Only About One-Third Say they Are Prepared to Re-Elect Either One


April 07, 2014 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Nearly Half of NYC Voters Approve of the Job de Blasio is Doing as Mayor So Far; And Nearly Half View Him Favorably
• Approve de Blasio’s Handling of Sick Leave, Pre-K, Snow Removal; More Disapprove his Addressing of Housing, Income Inequality, Jobs
• Nearly Two-to-One Opposition of Banning Horse Drawn Carriages

April 07, 2014 - (Siena NY Polls)

• The New York Times/NY1/Siena College Poll 
• Sports Fan Results

March 24, 2014 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Still Leads Astorino by 35 Points as Ratings Slip 
• While Strongly Seen As Effective Governor, Under Cuomo Voters Don’t See
Improved State Government, Business Climate, Economy, Education Quality 
• Voters: Strong Support for SAFE Act a Year After Passage; Support
for State Funding College for Inmates; Opposition to NY Dream Act


February 25, 2014 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters Divided on Common Core; Support 2-Year Moratorium
• Overwhelming Support for SED over Gov on Setting Education Policy
• Cuomo Ratings Slip; Still Maintains 40+ Point Leads over Astorino/Trump
• Majority of NYers See Upstate Struggling More than Downstate Economically 


January 20, 2014 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Begins ’14 in Strong Position; Ratings with Voters Up
• Strong Support for Many of Governor’s State of the State Proposals
• Voters: ‘Yes’ to Medical Marijuana; ‘No’ to Legalizing Recreational Use
• Chris Christie Hits Roadblock with New Yorkers as Favorability Rating Falls


December 13, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Optimistic New Yorkers Expect de Blasio to Have Positive Effect on City’s Needs & Bring Real Change
• Strong Support for Appointment of Bratton as Police Commissioner
• Large Majority of all Ethnic Groups Believe Race Relations in City are Generally Good but 30 Percent Say They Still Suffer Discrimination

November 18, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Divided Over Common Core, NYers Say Too Much Testing
• Cuomo Hits Lowest Job Rating; Crushes Potential Republican Opponents
• Jersey’s Christie Popular in NY; Loses to Clinton in ’16 but Not Cuomo

November 03, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Mangano Leads Suozzi 52-41% Heading into Election Day
• Majority of Likely Voters View Mangano Favorably & Suozzi Unfavorably
• Rice Cruising to Re-election as D.A.; Maragos, Weitzman Too Close to Call

October 28, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• De Blasio Continues to Lead Lhota Overwhelmingly
• Lhota & de Blasio Voters Say Support is Based on Candidate Position on Issues
• Voters Expect de Blasio Win; High Expectations for a de Blasio Administration


October 22, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• More than ¾ of NY Voters View Congress Unfavorably
• Nearly ¾ Think Country is Headed in the Wrong Direction
• Government Shutdown Blamed on GOP 2-to-1, in 2-to-1 Dem. State
• Plurality Want to Move Forward with Obamacare; 22% Want It Repealed

October 21, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Moreland & Its Work Largely Unknown to Voters, Who Strongly Want Commission To Continue Investigations
• Serious Problem: Corruption in Legislature–82%; Rest of State Govt.–77%
• Cuomo Job Rating Edges Up; Overall Rating Better than Specific Issues
• Casino Amendment Language Still Influences Voters’ Support of Amendment


October 13, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Mangano Up 52 to 35% Over Suozzi as Campaign Heats Up
• Likely Voters Prefer Mangano to Suozzi on all Major Issues 
• Rice Leads by 37 over Sturim; Maragos, Weitzman a Toss-Up


October 04, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• De Blasio Holds Commanding Lead Over Lhota
• Seen Better on Issues; Strongest on Education, Housing, Income Gap
• Strong Support for Kelly & Inspector General; Divided on Stop & Frisk

September 30, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• New York Voters Support Casino Gaming Constitutional Amendment with the Language that Appears on the Ballot
• By a Small Majority, Voters Believe the Ballot Wording is Fair
• Cuomo Slips a Little with Voters; Has His Lowest Job Performance Rating
• Advice from New Yorkers to Spitzer: Don’t Run for Another Office in 2014

September 08, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• YNN / Siena College Albany Mayoral Primary Poll: 
Sheehan Extends Lead to 68-20 Percent Over Ellis

• Buffalo News / Channel 2-WGRZ / Siena College Buffalo Mayoral Primary Poll: 
Mayor Brown Continues 2-to-1 Lead Over Tolbert

• YNN / Democrat & Chronicle / WHAM-TV (Channel 13) / WXXI Public Broadcasting /
WDKX-FM / Siena College Rochester Mayoral Primary Poll: 
Richards Lead Over Warren Increases to 36 Points
Albany Crosstabs      Buffalo Crosstabs     Rochester Crosstabs


August 30, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Suozzi Holds Commanding 33-Point Lead over Haber in Democratic Primary
• Likely Voters Prefer Suozzi on all Issues by Wide Margins 
• Potential November Mangano vs. Suozzi Rematch a Dead Heat
• Voters Give High Marks to Education, Parks & Police; Failing Grades to Affordability, Jobs & Gov’t Responsiveness in Nassau

August 30, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• De Blasio Has Large Lead Heading into Final Days
• Thompson & Quinn Running Neck and Neck For 2nd Runoff Spot 
• Spitzer Leads Stringer by 15 Points in Political Comeback Attempt

August 20, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• YNN/Siena College Poll
• Syracuse Dem Primary: Miner 56%, Hogan 22%

August 17, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Democrat Chronicle, WHAM-TV (Channel 13), WXXI Public Broadcasting and WDKX-FM (103.9)/YNN/Siena College Poll
• Rochester Dem Primary:  Richards 55%, Warren 28%

August 17, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Buffalo News/Channel 2-WGRZ/Siena College Poll
• Buffalo Dem Primary:  Brown over Tolbert by 29 Points

August 12, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Two-thirds Say Spitzer/Weiner Attention is Embarrassing
• Cuomo Reverses Trend with Poll Bounce; Seen As Effective Governor
• NYers Strongly Favor Assembly Plan on Women’s Equality Act, Not Senate’s
• Majority of NYers Think Gov’s Moreland Commission Will Be Somewhat Effective


July 31, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Sheehan Has Large, Early 54 to 23% Lead over Ellis in Mayoral Democratic Primary
• Democratic Voters Think Sheehan Better on All Issues, Especially Economic Development, Jobs, Taxes & Waste Management
• Jennings Leaving Office with High Personal Marks from Voters Despite Low Grades to City on Infrastructure, Jobs, Schools and Gov’t Responsiveness

July 18, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Quinn Leads Pack Among Dems; Weiner in 2nd Place
• Majority of Voters – Including a Strong Majority of Democrats – 
Say Weiner & Spitzer Deserve Another Chance at Elected Office
• Majority ‘Satisfied’ with Mayoral Candidates; Split on Whether Any
Can Be ‘Larger than Life’ Personalities Like Many Past Mayors

June 17, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Majority of Voters Think Silver Should Step Down as Speaker
• Voters: Pass 10-Point Women’s Equality Act, Including Abortion Provisions; Strongly Favor Making NY Law Consistent with Roe v. Wade & Current Practice
• Cuomo Favorability/Job Performance Lowest Since He’s Been Governor

May 20, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Half of Voters Agree with Gov: ‘NYS Govt. is Working Again’;
However, Two-Thirds Say State Government is Becoming
More Dysfunctional Every Day in Light of Corruption Scandals
• Passing Laws to Address Corruption Tops List for End of Session
• Are More Legislative Arrests Imminent? Nearly Nine in Ten Voters Say Yes

April 22, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• 81% of Voters Say More Arrests of Legislators for Corruption Are Likely; About 1/3 Say Their Legislator Could Be Arrested
• Voters Split on Which Is More Important for Reducing Corruption in Legislature: Law Enforcement Reforms or Electoral Process Reforms
• Federal Prosecutors & AG Should Take Lead in Cleaning Up Corruption
• Overwhelming Support for Term Limits for Legislators; Support for Limiting Candidates to One Party Line & Full-Time Legislature with No Outside Jobs

March 11, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo’s Favorability Rating – Still Two-to-One  Positive – Hits Lowest Level Since He’s Been Governor
• Support for New Gun Law Remains Strong; Majority Oppose Repeal of the Law; Voters Divided on Whether Law Was Rushed Through
• Voters: Increase Minimum Wage; Enact Public Campaign Financing and Gov’s Reproductive Health Act; Decriminalize Small Amounts of Pot
Crosstabs    Charts

February 04, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• NY and Southern Tier Voters Nearly Evenly Divided on Fracking; Opponents More Passionate than Supporters
• Cuomo’s Standing with Voters Slips a Little Overall, While Remaining Strong; More Dramatic Drop with Reps & Upstaters
• 2/3 Support New Gun Law; Majority: It Was Not Rushed Through

January 17, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Enters 3rd Year Still Riding High with Voters
• Many Cuomo State of State Proposals Have Very Strong Support
• Two-Thirds Say New York Minorities Experience Discrimination
• Assault Weapons Ban Strongly Supported; School Armed Guards Divides Voters
• Majority Say Shared Leadership Will Help State Senate Be More Effective

January 13, 2013 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Long Islanders Support Banning Semi-Automatic Guns by 67% to 31%
• Oppose Armed Guards, Arming Teachers in Schools
• Call for More Restrictive Gun Laws in New York


December 05, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters Love Cuomo; Ready to Re-elect; Don’t Run for Pres.
• Voters OK with State Senators Switching Party Allegiance in Fight for Senate Control; Don’t Want to See the Governor Get Involved
• Hillary Clinton Viewed Favorably by 75%; Majority Say Run in 2016
• Upstate Fracking is Supported by Downstaters; Plurality of Upstaters Oppose

December 3, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters: Cuomo, Obama, Bloomberg, MTA & FEMA Do Good Job Dealing with Sandy; ConEd Mixed Review; LIPA Panned
• Two-thirds of Voters Say Recent Storms Demonstrate Climate Change
• Half of NYers Contribute to Storm Relief; One-quarter Volunteer Time

November 04, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Collins v. Hochul Remains Neck and Neck in Final Days
• Close in August, Tied in October, Razor Thin Heading to Polls
• House Race Within 1 Point, Even as Romney Leads Obama by 13

November 03, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

Buerkle v. Maffei – the Rematch:
  Dead Even in September – Dead Even in November
So Much Campaigning; So Much Money; So Little Movement
Obama Maintains Double Digit Lead Over Romney

November 02, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• In 43rd SD, ‘McDonald’ Seat, Republican Marchione Leads; McDonald (I) Finishes 2nd, Ahead of Democrat Andrews;
• 46th SD, New Open Seat, Shows Tight Race with Republican Amedore Holding 3-Point Lead Over Democrat Tkaczyk;
• In 55th SD, Open ‘Alesi’ Seat, Democrat O’Brien Turns Race Around & Now Holds 11-Point Lead Over Republican Hanna
SD 43 Crosstabs    SD 46 Crosstabs    SD 55 Crosstabs

November 1, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

Slaughter Regains Double Digit Lead Over Brooks
Viewed More Favorably, Slaughter Opens 10-Point Lead
Obama Continues to Run Strongly Ahead of Romney

November 1, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

Grimm Expands Lead Over Murphy to 52-34 Percent
Opens Wider Lead with Independents; Doubles Lead on SI
Romney Reverses 4-Point Deficit & Now Leads Obama by 3 Points

November 1, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

Owens & Doheny Locked in Near Dead Heat Race
Independents Shift: Big Owens Lead Evaporates; Doheny Favored by 2
Romney Leads Obama By 4 Points After Previously Trailing by 5 Points

October 30, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

Gibson’s Lead Over Schreibman Down to 5 Points; Was 16
Schreibman Closes Independents’ Gap; Leads in Southern Part of District
Obama Doubles Lead Over Romney & Now Has 8-Point Edge

October 26, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

Obama Poised to Carry New York; Comparable to’08
Gillibrand Appears Headed Toward Overwhelming Victory
Small Plurality of Voters Now Support Hydrofracking
Majority Wants Dems to Control State Senate; 63 Elections Determine Outcome

October 19, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

Hayworth Leads By 7 Points as Maloney Narrows Gap
Plurality of Voters View Hayworth Favorably, Maloney Unfavorably
Romney Still Has Small Lead; Little Movement Over Last Month

October 17, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

Murphy 46%, McMahon 44% - Senate Seat Up for Grabs
Obama Leads Romney by 15 in Nutmeg State

October 14, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Slaughter Lead Over Brooks Down to 5 Points – 49-44%
• Obama Continues to Have Double Digit Lead Over Romney

October 09, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Casey Leads Smith 44% to 35%
• Pennsylvania, Another Swing State? Obama 43%, Romney 40%, Undecided 12%

October 08, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• 15th SD, in Queens, Neck-and-Neck Race Between Democratic Senator Addabbo and Republican Ulrich;
• In 60th SD, Erie County, Republican Senator Grisanti Has 2-to-1 Lead Over Democrat Amodeo
SD 15 Crosstabs     SD 60 Crosstabs

October 07, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Collins v. Hochul: Tied at 47 Percent Each
• Tight Race in August Becomes Even Tighter in October
• Race Even Despite District Favoring Romney & Rep. Control of House
August 2012 Crosstabs     October 2012 Crosstabs

October 03, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• 37th SD, Open Westchester Seat, is Neck-and-Neck As Democrat Latimer Is Up By 3 Points Over Cohen;
• In 55th SD, Open Monroe/Ontario Counties Seat, Republican Hanna Leading O’Brien By 8 Points
SD37 Crosstabs     SD55 Crosstabs

September 27, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Louise Leads Maggie by 10 Points (52-42%) in New 25th CD
• Voters Say Slaughter Better on Health, Ed., War; Close on Others
• Brooks Leads in Western Monroe, Slaughter Leads Big in Rochester
• Obama Leads Romney by 14 Points; Voters Side with President on Major Issues

September 25, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Grimm Has 48-38 Percent Lead Over Murphy
• Voters See Grimm As Better on Issues, Most by Double Digits
• Murphy Trails in Brooklyn & Staten Island; Catholics Give Huge Edge to Grimm
• Obama Over Romney by 4 Points; Voters Nearly Evenly Divided on Obamacare

September 21, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Gibson Has Early, Large 16-Point Lead Over Schreibman
• By Double Digit Margins, Voters Give Edge to Gibson on Issues
• Schreibman Within Two Points in Ulster/Dutchess; Trails Big in Rest of District
• Obama Over Romney By 4 Points; Voters with Dems on Most Issues, Not Obamacare

September 18, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Hayworth Has 13-Point Lead Over Maloney 7 Weeks Out
• Voters Give Edge to Hayworth as Better Representing Them on Issues
• No Gender Gap as Hayworth Leads in Every Region and with Independents
• Romney Up By 4 Points; Voters Lean to Obama on Taxes, Romney on Obamacare

September 13, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Buerkle v. Maffei Rematch as Tight as 2010 Election
• Maffei Leads 2-to-1 in Syracuse; Buerkle Up 12 Points in West & North
• Voters Lean Toward Maffei on Issues; Want Dems to Control the House
• Obama (Viewed Favorably) Tops Romney (Viewed Unfavorably) by 19 Points

September 13, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Bishop Leads Altschuler by 13 Points With 8 Weeks to Go
• Voters See Bishop as Better Representing them on Most Issues
• Bishop Leads By Comparable Margins in Brookhaven & East End Towns
• Romney & Obama, Each Viewed Unfavorably by 48%, Are Tied at 47%-47%

September 10, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Owens Has Early Double Digit Lead Over Doheny
• Despite Large GOP Plurality, Voters Prefer Democrat on All Issues
• Voters Side with Obama over Romney on Medicare, Tax Cuts for Wealthy, and Women’s Reproductive Health Issues; Closely Divided on Obamacare

August 21, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Ryan Selection Offers No Help for Romney in New York
• Voters Support Implementing Obamacare; Eliminating Tax Cuts for Wealthy
• DEC’s Anticipated Fracking Decision Continues to Evenly Divide Voters
• Support Rises for Public Campaign Financing & Casino Constitutional Amendment

August 19, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• 11 Weeks Out, Collins & Hochul Locked in Tight Race
• Jobs & Federal Budget Deficit Are Voters’ Two Biggest Issues
• Voters Favor Obamacare Repeal; Divided on Tax Cuts for Wealthy

July 17, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Majority Want ‘Obamacare’ Implemented, Not Repealed
• Huge Partisan Difference on Health Care Between Republicans & Democrats; Few Voters Expect Law to Increase Health Care Access or Decrease Costs
• Cuomo Still Popular; Virtually Same Grade for Session this Year as Last
• Voters Divided on State Legislature, But Two-thirds View Congress Unfavorably

June 12, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Obama Widens Lead Over Romney to 24 Points
• Seen as Better on All Issues, Obama Scores High on Terrorism & Health Care
• Plurality of Voters Says U.S. Is Worse Off Today Than it Was 4 Years Ago
• Large Majority Says Election Provides Clear Choice Between 2 Visions of the Future

June 11, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Ratings Edge Up; Seen as Popular for Making State Govt. Work More Effectively, Addressing Average New Yorkers’ Concerns
• Strong Support for Minimum Wage Hike, Small Biz Tax Cuts & Medical Marijuana
• Gillibrand Stays Strong As Republicans Remain Unknown Heading to Primary
• Voters Split on Re-electing Incumbent State Senators; Majority Wants Dems in Control

May 16, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Strong Majority Supports Legalizing Medical Marijuana
• NY’ers Evenly Split on Fracking; Rep’s in Favor, Dem’s Oppose
• Only 1/4 Tuned in to MMA Debate; Plurality in Support, 38% Need More Info
• Voters Divided on Criminalizing Synthetic Pot

May 14, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Minimum Wage Hike & Business Tax Cuts Strongly Supported
• Obama and Gillibrand Still Have Large Leads in their 2012 Races
• Cuomo Ratings Edge Down; Senate & Assembly Favorability Best in 3 Years
• Occupy Wall Street & Tea Party Both Viewed Unfavorably by Majority of Voters

April 10, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

  • Voters Prefer Split Supreme Court Health Care Decision
  • Romney Expands Commanding Lead Among NY Republicans
  • Cuomo Favorability Edges Up; Highest Job Performance Rating Ever
  • Plurality Say New Budget Good for NYers; On-Time Budget Very Important

March 07, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Romney Leads Santorum by 15 Points Among NY Reps
• Obama Maintains Roughly Two-to-One Leads Over All Republicans
• Almost Two-Thirds of NYers Think America’s Best Days Are Still to Come
• Gillibrand, Gaining Momentum with Voters, Looking Stronger for Re-Election

March 05, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• 50% Say New Teacher Evaluations Will Improve Public Ed. Quality;
By 2-to-1 Voters Say New Evaluation System is Fair to Teachers
• Cuomo’s Favorability & Job Performance Ratings Edge Down Slightly
• More Voters Say Cuomo Improved Ethics, State’s Fiscal Condition; More Voters Think He’s Made Education Quality Worse Rather than Better
• Support for Legalizing Casinos Slips; New Yorkers Now Evenly Divided


February 06, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Pay Raises for Legislators or Governor Strongly Opposed
• Strong Support for Gov’s Pension and Teacher Evaluation Plans
• Cuomo Still Rides High with Voters; Say He’s Providing Leadership
• Obama’s Favorability Rating is Highest in 2 Years; Best ‘Re-Elect’ Ever
• Romney & Gingrich Running Neck-and-Neck Among NY Republicans

January 16, 2012 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Still Honeymooning; Record High Job Performance
• Big Support for Campaign Finance Reform & Education Commission;
Mild Support for Casino Amendment & Buffalo Investment; Significant Opposition to New Convention Center at Aqueduct
• 51% Say Race Relations in NY are Excellent/Good; 47% Fair/Poor
• Majority of New Yorkers Think State is Headed on Right Track


November 15, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Obama, Ratings Up, Beats All Republicans by 25-37 Points
• Romney Leads Republican Field; Republicans Overwhelmingly See Romney
as Strongest Obama Opponent & Likely Nomination Winner
• By 2-to-1 Voters Do Not Believe OWS Represents 99% of Americans;
57% Say OWS Participants Should Be Allowed in Parks 24 Hours a Day
• One Year Out, Gillibrand Looking Strong in Seeking Re-election

November 07, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Collins and Poloncarz Dead Even Leading to Erie County Exec Race Vote

October 18, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Occupy Wall Street Has the Attention of Most New Yorkers
• By Two-to-One, Voters Say Those Engaged in OWS Represent
the 99% Opposed to the Corruption of the 1%, Rather than
Out-of-work Young People with Potential to Cause Riots
• More Voters Would Opt to Join Occupy Wall Street over the Tea Party
• Obama Has Large Double Digit Leads over Perry, Romney, Cain

October 17, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Suspend PEF Layoffs & Return to Bargaining Table, 70% Tell Gov
• Nearly Three-Quarters of Voters Support a New York ‘Millionaire’s Tax’
• Cuomo Remains Popular with NYers as His Job Performance Inches Up
• Voters Favor Budget Cuts Rather than New Revenues to Close Budget Deficit

October 10, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Collins has Slim 3-Point Lead in Erie County Exec Race over Poloncarz

September 27, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Favorability Inches Up; Job Performance Inches Down;
Gov Earns Big Kudos From Voters For Responding to Storms
• NYers Still Closely Divided on Hydrofracking; Trust Opponents More
• Sen. Gillibrand Potentially Vulnerable; Below 50% on Fav and Re-Elect

September 26, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters Evenly Divided on Re-electing Obama or ‘Someone Else’ Yet He Continues 20-point Leads Over Perry & Romney
• Jury Out on Obama’s American Jobs Act; Nearly Half Want More Info
• Most NYers Are ‘Very’ Concerned About ‘Double-Dip’ Recession
• 47 Percent Think Obama was ‘Great Candidate’ but is ‘Poor President’

September 09, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Turner Holds 6-Point Lead over Weprin with 4 Days To Go
• Voters View Turner Favorably & Are Evenly Divided on Weprin;
• Say Turner’s Campaign is More Positive & Weprin’s is More Negative

August 16, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Obama Ratings Fall; Yet Leads All Republican Challengers
• Rudy Giuliani Leads Field for Nomination Among New York Republicans;
• Romney Seen as Strongest Challenger, Most Likely to Win Nomination
• Cuomo’s High Ratings Continue, with All Parties and in All Regions
• Three-quarters of New Yorkers Say Country Headed in ‘Wrong Direction’

August 10, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Weprin Leads Turner by 6 Points in Tight Special Election
• By 2-to-1 Voters Wanted Their Representative to Vote for Debt Ceiling Law
• Koch, Cuomo, Schumer Endorsements Have Impact; Newspapers Don’t

July 14, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters: 2011 Legislative Session Moves NYS on Right Track;
  Strong Plurality Says Albany has Become Less Dysfunctional
• New Yorkers Evenly Divided on DEC’s Hydrofracking Recommendation
• Cuomo Ratings Inch Higher, as Huge Majority Call 2016 Presidential Speculation Premature;
  Small Majority Oppose ‘VP Cuomo’ in 2012

June 13, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Tax Cap & Ethics are Voters’ Top 2 Session Priorities – By Far
• If Not Passed, Supporters Blame Senate Reps More than Assembly Dems, Gov
• Cuomo Viewed Favorably by 2/3 of Voters; Job Performance Inches Up
• Voters Give Thumbs Down to State Legislature; Thumbs Up to Their Legislators
• Strong Support for Wine in Grocery Stores; Opposition to Ultimate Fighting
Registered Voter Crosstabs    NY Daily News / Siena Crosstabs

May 21, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Hochul Leads Corwin, 42% to 38% among Likely Voters
• Hochul Viewed Most Favorably; Davis Candidacy Fades
• Medicare, Federal Budget Deficit, and Jobs, Top Issues as Voters Decide on Next Member of Congress

May 19, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Still Popular; Gets ‘Fair’ Grade on Improving NY Economy
• Property Tax Cap & Ethics Reform Still Dominate Voters’ Session Wish List
• View on Direction of NYS Falls; Significant Uptick on Direction of Country;
  Voters Optimistic about NY Economy Being Better One Year from Today
• Obama, Gillibrand Both Have Majorities Prepared to Re-elect them Next Year

April 29, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Corwin Leads Hochul & Davis in Tight Special Election
• Federal Budget Deficit & Jobs Are Voters’ Two Biggest Issues
• Voters: Repeal Health Care; Don’t Cut Social Security or Medicare

April 11, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo is Budget Winner Say Voters, as His Ratings Go Higher;
• After Budget, Voters Feel Better About Legislature, Not its Leaders
• Property Tax Cap & Ethics Reform Top Voters’ End-of-Session List;
• Also Strong Support for Expansion of Rent Regulations, Larger Contribution by Public Employees for Benefits; Independent Redistricting Commission
• Voters: Cuomo Fair to Unions; Keep Triborough Amendment, Not Taylor Law

March 28, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• If Budget Is Late, Voters Want Gov. Budget Over State Shutdown
• Voters Continue to Like, Trust Cuomo Far More than Legislature
• Millionaires Tax and LIFO Reform Strongly Supported; Voters Support More $ for Education, Property Tax Cap & Rent Regulations in Budget
• Ethics Can Wait Till After Budget; Only 55% Say Most Legislators Are “Honest”

February 14, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Ratings at All-time High & 72% Support His Budget
• Voters Oppose Education Cuts; Divided on Whether Students will Suffer
• Strong Support for Continuing Income Tax Surcharge on Wealthy
• Plurality of Voters, 47%, Say State is on ‘Right Track’ for 1st Time Since 2007

January 18, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters Overwhelmingly Support Many Cuomo Proposals
• 80% + Support: Budget with no Taxes; Budget Growth Less than Inflation; Full Disclosure of Legislature Income; Property Tax Cap
• NY More Business Friendly in ‘11 Likely to Happen, 2/3 of Voters Say
• Majority: Continue Income Tax Increase on Wealthy, Despite Cuomo Argument

January 17, 2011 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Favorability Hits 70% after State of State Address
• Gov Overwhelmingly More Trusted than ‘Unfavorable’ Legislature
• President Obama’s Favorability Sees Uptick to Highest Level Since Feb.
• Most Think Race Relations in NYS are Good – Majority of Black New Yorkers Do Not;
• Voter Reaction to Tucson Shooting Mixed


December 13, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters Want Cuomo to Focus on New York’s Economy & Budget
• Santa Should Give Cuomo Revitalized Economy & Balanced Budget
• Raises for State Judges? No.  Raises for State Legislators? No, No, No!
• Strong Support for Millionaire’s Tax; Strong Opposition to Health, Education Cuts
• Currently, Even ‘Blue’ New York State is Not Prepared to Re-elect Obama

November 15, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Will Cuomo Succeed on Major Issues? Voters More Optimistic Than Not
• Creating New Jobs Is Most Important Issue for Voters; Budget is Second
• Majority Want Reps & Dems to Jointly Share Power Running State Senate
• Cancel White House Speculation, Focus on NY, Voters Tell Governor-Elect

October 31, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Nears Election Day with Big 25-Point Lead over Paladino
• Wilson Closes Gap vs. DiNapoli; Race for Comptroller is Now Dead Even
• Race for AG Between Schneiderman & Donovan Tightens & is Now Tied
• Schumer & Gillibrand Cruise into Closing Days of Campaign with Large Leads

October 30, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Zeldin Builds Large 16-Point Lead over Foley in 3rd SD
• Ball Opens 5-Point Lead on Kaplowitz in Open 40th SD
• Ritchie Has Slim 4-Point Edge over Aubertine in 48th SD
• Kennedy Now Takes 6-Point Lead over Quinn in 58th SD
3rd SD Crosstabs   40th SD Crosstabs   48th SD Crosstabs   58th SD Crosstabs

October 28, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Close Race Between Owens & Doheny Tightens Up More
• Hoffman at 15 Percent is a ‘Wild Card’ as He Remains on Ballot

October 27, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Arcuri Continues to Lead Hanna; Race Gets Tighter
• Eight-Point Lead Six Weeks Ago for Arcuri is Now Just a Five-Point Lead
• Candidates Are More Well Known Now; Little Else in Race has Changed

October 27, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Hall & Hayworth In Virtual Dead Heat Heading into Final Week
• Hall Picks Up 4 Points as Undecided Independents Move His Way

October 26, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Gibson Takes 9-Point Lead over Murphy into Final Week
• Murphy Trails among Independents, After Having an Early 2:1 Lead
• Voters Have Favorable View of Gibson; Divided About Murphy

October 20, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Extends Lead over Paladino to 37 Points with Likely Voters
• More than Two-Thirds of Voters View Paladino Unfavorably; Republicans Split
• Schneiderman Leads Donovan in Race for Attorney General, but It’s Close
• DiNapoli Still Has Big Lead in Comptroller’s Race; Wilson Closes to 17 Points

October 17, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Dan Maffei Has 12-Point Lead over Ann Marie Buerkle
• Maffei Rated as Better than Buerkle by Voters On All Issues
• Voters Split on Health Care Law; Support Eliminating Tax Cuts for Wealthy

October 13, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Owens Has 5-Point Lead over Doheny – Even with Hoffman Out
• Voters: Owens Stronger on Most Issues; Doheny Beats Owens on Deficit
• Hoffman on Ballot is a Wildcard as Owens Falls Short of 50% Mark

October 13, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Nan Hayworth & John Hall Are Running Neck-and-Neck
• Voters Rate Hayworth as Stronger than Hall on Fiscal Issues
• Support for Repealing Health Care Law & Keeping Tax Cuts for Wealthy

October 13, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Bishop Holds Double Digit Lead over Altschuler
• Voters See Bishop as Stronger On All Issues
• Support for Repeal of Health Care Law; Divided on Bush Tax Cuts

October 05, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Has Commanding Lead over Paladino Among Likely Voters
• About 60% Say Paladino is ‘Loose Cannon’ & Have Unfavorable View of Him
• Voters: Paladino Equal to Cuomo on Taxes; Cuomo Better on All Other Issues
• By Better than 3:1, Cuomo Campaign More Positive; Paladino Campaign More Negative

October 04, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• 58th SD, Currently Held by Democrats, is Neck-and-Neck
• 40th SD, Currently Held by Republicans is Virtually Even 
• Republican Incumbent Alesi Has a Wide Lead in 55th SD
• Dem Incumbent Valesky Leads by 10 Points in 49th SD
40th SD Crosstabs    49th SD Crosstabs    55th SD Crosstabs 
58th SD Crosstabs

September 28, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Four Key Races Will Help Decide Control of Senate In ’11
• Two Incumbent Republican Senators Have Big Leads
• (11th SD in Queens and 44th SD in Capital Region)
• Two Incumbent Democrats in Neck-and-Neck Races
• (3rd SD in Suffolk and 48th SD in North Country)
3rd SD Crosstabs    11th SD Crosstabs    44th SD Crosstabs      48th SD Crosstabs

September 23, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Continues Better than 2-to-1 Lead Over Paladino
• Voters See Cuomo – with Experience & Know-How – as Better on All Issues
• Voters Divided on Paladino Being ‘Loose Cannon’ & Having Right Experience
• Schumer, Gillibrand, DiNapoli Lead Big; Schneiderman Leads Donovan by 13 Points

September 21, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Reed Has Early 44%-30% Lead over Zeller; 26% Undecided
• Voters Favor Reed on Issues; Neither Campaign Has Reached Many Voters
• Voters Closely Divided on Health Care, Stimulus, Tax Cuts for Wealthy

September 20, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Arcuri Leads Hanna 48% to 40% in Tight Rematch of ’08 Race
• Voters Give Arcuri Edge on 4 Issues & Hanna Has Edge on 1 Issue
• Support for Obama Stimulus Plan & Eliminating Tax Cuts for Wealthy

September 17, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Scott Murphy Has Early 17-Point Lead Over Chris Gibson
• Voters Rate Murphy Stronger on 6 Issues & Representing District in DC
• Support for Obama Stimulus Plan & Eliminating Tax Cuts for Wealthy

September 11, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Lazio & Paladino: Too Close To Call
• Lazio Enjoys Big Downstate Lead; Paladino Way Ahead Upstate
• Schneiderman, Rice Lead AG Pack; Coffey in 3rd; 29% Undecided
• Races for Both Republican Senate Nominations Remain Wide Open
• Kirsten Gillibrand has Commanding 5-to-1 Lead Over Gail Goode
Democrat Crosstabs     Republican Crosstabs

August 18, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Holds Wide Lead over Reps; Rated Better on 7 Issues
• More Voters Following NYC Mosque Issue Closely; Opposition Still Strong; However, Voters Strongly See Constitutional Right for Mosque to be Built
• Gillibrand Extends Lead over Potential Opponents; DiNapoli Maintains Lead
• One-Third of Voters Give Their Legislators an ‘A’ or ‘B’; Only ¼ Grade them ‘D’ or ‘F’

July 15, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters Give Legislature “F” on Budget; Gov Fares Better, Not Great
• Half of Voters Support Member Item Vetoes; 58% Oppose Education Veto
• Cuomo, Schumer, Gillibrand, DiNapoli Maintain Leads Over Republicans
• State Headed in Wrong Direction; Only ¼ Say Fiscal Conditions Will Improve In a Year

June 14, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo’s Favorability Rating & Lead Over Republicans Slip a Little
• Independent Voters Move Toward Reps; No Dem Wins Majority of Independents
• Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Governor’s State Worker Layoff Plan;
• Support Remains Strong for Constitutional Convention
• Majority of Voters Prefers ‘Someone Else’ Rather than Re-electing Current State Senator

May 24, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Candidate Cuomo Maintains Huge Lead on Eve of Conventions
• Lazio Leads Republicans for Gov; No Frontrunner for either Senate Nomination
• Gillibrand Picks Up Support & Enjoys Her Highest Favorable Rating Ever; Schumer Has Huge Leads Over All Potential, Largely Unknown, Opponents;
• AG Race Wide Open Among Barely Known Candidates; Rice Has Early Dem Lead
• Voters Divided on Gov’s Furlough Plan; Blame for Late Budget Shared Among All

April 19, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters: Cuomo Is Not-too-Aggressive & Part of the Solution
• Battle for Rep. Gov. Nomination Wide Open; Cuomo Leads All 3 Big
• Voters Overwhelmingly Believe State Government Is Fixable with Right People;
• ‘No’ to Withholding State Worker Pay Hikes; ‘Yes’ to Taxing Big Earner Bonuses;
• 1 in 5 Support the Tea Party Movement, While 1 in 4 Oppose It
• At 2:1 Unfavorable, Voters Tell Eliot ‘Please Don’t Run’ – At Least Not Now

March 22, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Cuomo Holds Big Lead; Voters Split on When He Needs to Declare
• Lazio Starts Fight for Republican Nomination with Huge Lead over Levy
• Do Voters Believe Paterson? Sometimes. 1/3 Believe Little or None of what He Says
• Small Majority Supports Legalizing Medical Marijuana in New York;
• Voters Oppose Budget Borrowing and Strongly Oppose Closing Parks;
• Support Remains for Wine in Grocery Stores; Opposition to Soda Tax Increases

March 12, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Peralta Has Huge Lead Heading Into Election Day
• Voters Aware of Monserrate Issues; View Him 2-to-1 Unfavorably
• Peralta Leads in Every Part of District and With Every Demographic
• 13th S.D. Voters Are Evenly Divided on the Issue of Same Sex Marriage

March 08, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Majority of Voters Say Paterson Need Not Resign
• 71% Do Not Want Him Impeached If He Doesn’t Resign
• Confidence in Popular Attorney General to Conduct Fair Investigation
• 54% of Voters Are Now “Embarrassed” to Call Themselves New Yorkers

February 22, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Gov’s Ratings Slip; Trails Lazio by 7 Points & Cuomo by 42 Points
• Voters Think State Senate was Right to Remove Monserrate from Office
• Gillibrand Keeps Big Lead Over Ford; Trails Pataki; Beats Blakeman, Zuckerman
• Voters Support Wine in Grocery Stores; Oppose Soda Tax; A Majority of Voters
• Oppose Budget Cuts to Health Care or Education, Even if it Means Higher Taxes

January 18, 2010 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters Like Paterson Proposals; Still Do Not Support his Election;
• Loses Bad to Cuomo with Dems & Runs Even with Lazio & Collins
• Gillibrand Has Sizeable Lead Over Ford Among Dems; Both Trail Pataki
• 67% Call Legislature ‘Dysfunctional’ & Both Houses Viewed 2-to-1 Unfavorably


December 15, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

2/3 of Voters Want to Change System of How Part-Time Legislators Earn & Report Outside Income, But No Consensus on How
Plurality of Voters Disappointed Senate Rejected Same Sex Marriage Bill
Gillibrand Leads Dem Field; Trails Giuliani, Leads Pataki & ‘Unknown’ Rep

December 14, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

Paterson Favorability & Job Ratings Inch Up; Remain Very Low
Who’s Doing Best Job to Solve Budget Problem? None of Them
Majority Support Legislature Not Cutting Education & Health Care to Close Deficit This Year; Plurality Favor Taxes Over Cuts for Next Year’s Deficit

November 16, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

Paterson Trails Cuomo, Giuliani & Lazio Heading into 2010
Giuliani, Pataki Strongest Reps; Cuomo, Schumer Strongest Dems
Comptroller, AG (without Cuomo), Junior Senator Closest Races 1 Year Out

November 2, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

Hoffman Leads Owens 41-36%; Undecided up to 18%
Hoffman Leads in South; Owens Leads in East; Tied in West
Favorability Ratings: Hoffman Up; Owens Slips; Biden Good with Dems

October 31, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

Race is Too Close to Call Between Owens & Hoffman
Scozzafava Campaign Appears to Collapse as She Falls Way Behind
Owens Holds 2/3 of Democrats; Hoffman Has Support from 50 Percent of Republicans and Plurality of Independent Voters
Scozzafava Strongly Unfavorable; Hoffman & Owens Slightly Favorable

October 20, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

Voters Keep Gov. Paterson’s Ratings Near Record Lows
Giuliani Widens Lead Over Gov & Gillibrand; Closes Gap on Cuomo
Legislature Blamed Most for Deficit & Held Most Responsible for Solving It

October 30, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spano Leads Astorino 48 to 41 in County Exec Race
• Voters Support Re-Licensing Indian Point, Owning Playland and Decision to Settle Federal Lawsuit
• DiFiore up by 31 Points in Race for District Attorney


October 15, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Owens Leads Scozzafava by 4 & Hoffman by 10 Points
• Owens Leads with Dems; Scozzafava with Reps; Hoffman with Independents; Each Leads in One Region of the District
• Scozzafava Commercials Turn Off Far More Voters than They Turn On

October 01, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Scozzafava Has Early 7-Point Lead in Tight 3-Way Race
• Voters Closely Divided Between Owens & Scozzafava on Issues
• Owens Strongest in South; Scozzafava Strongest in West

September 22, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

Voters: Governor is Well Intentioned, but Ineffective and His Handling of State’s Fiscal Situation is Off the Mark
• Voters Prefer Rudy Not Run for Governor or Senate in 2010
• Jobs, Reform, Taxes are Top Issues Voters See in Campaign for Gov.


September 21, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• More Voters Support President’s Health Care Plan than Oppose It; 43% Still Want More Info Before Deciding
• Providing Quality Health Care to All Americans is a Moral Issue
• 70% Believe Current Health Care Costs Could Bankrupt the Economy
• NY’ers Divided on Plan’s Affordability and Government’s Role

September 11, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Jennings Has 21 Point Lead over Ellis Heading Into Final Weekend of Mayoral Democratic Primary
• On Most Issues, Voters Think Jennings Will Do a Better Job
• Property Taxes & Crime Lead List of Issues Voters Want Mayor to Address

August 24, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters: NY Pols Today Have Less Integrity & Work Less Hard for People,Compared to NY Pols 40-50 Years Ago
• A Majority Think It’s Time to Elect All New State Leaders
• Cuomo’s Numbers Continue to Grow, As Paterson’s Stay Low

August 9, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters: NY Pols Today Have Less Integrity & Work Less Hard for People,Compared to NY Pols 40-50 Years Ago
A Majority Think It’s Time to Elect All New State Leaders
• Cuomo’s Numbers Continue to Grow, As Paterson’s Stay Low

July 20, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• NY Voters Angry at Senate, Vow to Remember in 2010
• Voters Say Senate Fight Makes Legislation Harder to Pass & They Do Not Believe It Will Result in Significant Reforms
• Majority Believes Gov Acted Appropriately in Appointing a New LG

May 26, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters Keep Gov’s Approval Ratings at Record Lows
• 47% of Voters Think Cuomo Should Run for Gov & 64% Think He Will
• Voters Now Evenly Divided on Bill to Legalize Same Sex Marriages
• Property Tax Cap & Circuit Breaker Both Enjoy Strong Voter Support

April 20, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters Continue to Be Down on Gov & the Job He Is Doing
• Handling of State Finances, Secret Budget & Pay Raises for Staff Contributed Most to Paterson’s Declining Popularity, Voters Say
• Majority Want Senate to Pass Bill Legalizing Same Sex Marriages
• Voters Long for Days of Governor (Mario) Cuomo & Also Governor Pataki

March 27, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Murphy Takes 4-Point Lead Over Tedisco in Final Week
• Tedisco Campaign Seen as More Negative; Murphy’s More Positive
• But By 10-Point Margin, Voters Think Tedisco Will Win the Special Election

March 23, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Paterson’s Standing with Voters: from Bad to Worse
• 2/3 Prefer “Someone Else” in 2010; Gov Crushed by Cuomo, Giuliani
• Pessimism on Direction of State, Fiscal Condition, Budget Resolution

March 12, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Murphy Cuts Tedisco’s Lead From 12 to 4 Points 
• Tedisco Rated Better on 4 Issues; Murphy on 2, Including Economy
• Murphy Now Leads with Independent Voters, After Trailing 2 Weeks Ago

February 26, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• James Tedisco Has Early 46%-34% Lead Over Scott Murphy
• Voters Rate Tedisco Slightly Better on 5 Issues & Much Better on 1
• Tedisco Strongest in Capital Region; Murphy Strongest in North Country

February 24, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Paterson Is Weakest He’s Ever Been by Every Measure
• Voters Rate Direction & Fiscal Condition of New York as Worst Ever
• Confidence in State Leaders to Resolve Budget Crisis Erodes

January 29, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters Approve of Governor’s Selection of Gillibrand; 
• Majority Call Gov’s Handling of Process Poor or Fair
• Paterson’s Favorability Rating Drops After Senate Selection
• Dems Want Primary for Gillibrand; Reps Like Giuliani over King

January 26, 2009 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Gov’s Primary Lead over Cuomo Drops from 23 to 2 Points
• Voters Support Income Tax on Those Making $250K or More to
• Replace Budget Cuts or New Taxes Proposed by Governor Paterson
• Obama, Soaring with Public, Brings Confidence on Economy


December 17, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters Divided Over Who Gov Should Pick for Senate
• By 2-1 Margin, Voters Think Gov Will Pick Kennedy over Cuomo
• Strong Support for Raising Personal Income Taxes on Wealthy;
• Strong Opposition to Health, Education Cuts without Tax Increase and Using SUNY/CUNY Tuition Increase for Budget Balancing

November 17, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters to NYS: Cut Spending, Don’t Raise Taxes
• Health & Education Are Not the Programs Voters Want Cut
• Optimism for Obama Administration Runs Deep;
• Voters’ View of Country’s Direction Improves Dramatically

November 2, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Six Key Races Will Help Determine Control of Senate In ‘09
• Sen. Trunzo (R, 3rd SD) Down by More than 20 Points vs. Foley
• Sen. Stachowski (D, 58th SD) Reverses Gap; Opens 4-Point Lead
• Ranzenhofer (R, 61st SD) Opens 5-Point Lead Over Mesi
• Sen. Maltese (R, 15th SD) Remains Neck & Neck Against Addabbo
• Sen. Aubertine (D, 48th SD) Sees Lead vs. Renzi Down to 11 Points
• Sen. Hannon (R, 6th SD) Has Huge Advantage

October 30, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Four Key Races Will Help Determine Control of Senate In ‘09
• Incumbents Johnson (D, 7th SD), Oppenheimer (D, 37th SD),   Robach (R, 56th SD) & Volker (R, 59th SD) Continue to Lead
• Challengers Donno and Konst Gain Some Ground in 7th and 59th SDs

October 27, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Obama Widens Lead Over McCain to 62-31%
• Obama Favorability and McCain Unfavorability Highest Ever
• ¾ of Voters Agree with Gov: NY Economy Worst Since Great Depression
• Voters Strongly Support Millionaire’s Tax to Close State Budget Deficit

October 8, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Four Key Races Will Help Determine Control of Senate In ‘09
• Republican Incumbents Volker (59th SD) & Alesi (55th SD) Have Big Leads
• Democratic Incumbent Oppenheimer Has Big Lead in Westchester (37th SD)
• Republican Challenger Delano has 13-Point Lead Over Stachowski (58th SD)
Crosstabs    Summary

October 2, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Obama Surges and Now Leads McCain 58%-36%
• Palin Popularity Plummets; McCain Now Viewed Unfavorably
• Voters: Obama Won 1st Debate; ¾ Say They Will Watch VPs Tonight
• NYers Say Obama Better to Address Economy & Fiscal Challenges

October 2007 - (Siena NY Polls)

• NYers Overwhelmingly Oppose Gov’s License Proposal
• Spitzer Gets Lowest Job Performance Rating Ever
• Bloomberg Leads Spitzer 50-37 in 2010 Gubernatorial Match-up

September 24, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Six Key Races Will Help Determine Control of Senate In ‘09
• Republicans Lead in Suffolk (3rd SD) & Monroe (56th SD)
• Democrats Up Big in Nassau (7th SD) & North Country (48th SD)
• Races in Queens (15th SD) and Erie (61st SD) Are Neck & Neck

September 15, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• With 50 Days Left, New York Is Far From True Blue
• Obama’s Lead Falls to 5 Points; Down From 18 Points in June
• Obama Seen As Stronger Than McCain on 4 of 6 Issues
• Voters See McCain As Better Than Obama on 4 of 6 of Attributes

August 18, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Half of NYers Describe State Fiscal Condition as Poor
• Special Session Priority: Voters Equally Divided Among
Job Creation, Property Taxes and Budget Deficit
• As Paterson’s Rating with Voters Continues to Edge Up, Two-thirds
Agree with Governor This Is Worst Fiscal Condition Since 1970’s

July 14, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Circuit Breaker & Gas Tax Cut Top Property Tax Cap
• Gov 2010: Rudy Crushes Bloomberg with Reps; Paterson Beats
Cuomo with Dems; Bloomberg Strongest in General Election
• While Most New Yorkers Plan to Remain in NY, Many Want Out

June 16, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Gov’s Property Tax Cap Has Overwhelming Support
• Most NYers Support Some Recognition of Same Sex Couples
• Nearly Half of Voters Say “No” To Hillary or Bloomberg For VP;
Obama Widens Lead; More Voters Now View McCain Unfavorably

May 19, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Clinton & Obama Strengthen Leads Over McCain
• NYers Seriously Impacted by Gas Prices; Want Gas Tax Relief
• Voters Strongly Oppose Pay Raise for Governor; Oppose Pay
Raise for Judges; Nearly Split on Pay Raise for Legislators

April 22, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Not So ‘Blue’: McCain Closing Gap vs. Clinton & Obama
• Dems & Voters View Paterson Favorably; Split on Job Performance
• Half of NYers Plan to Use Federal Rebate Check to Pay Bills;
  Only One in Five Plans on Going Shopping for Something New

March 24, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters View Gov. Paterson Favorably & with Optimism  
• Spitzer Tanks with Voters; His Job Performance Matches Legislature’s
• Overwhelming Support for Income Tax Surcharge for Millionaires;
• Slight Support for Republicans Retaining Control of State Senate

March 3, 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• NYers & Dems Split On Whether Hillary Should Drop Out
• Dems & Inds Satisfied with Choice of ’08 Presidential Candidates
• Favorable: Clinton, McCain, Obama; Unfavorable: Huckabee, Nader, Paul

February 2008 - (Siena NY Polls)

• More Voters View Spitzer Unfavorably than Favorably
• Plurality of Voters Prefer Tax Increase Rather than Cuts in Education or Health Care Spending to Close Potential State Budget Gap
• Only One in Seven Voters Thinks New York is Better Since Spitzer Became Governor; More than Half Think Things Are About the Same


December 2007 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spitzer’s Standing with NY Voters Continues to Fall
• Clinton & Giuliani Dominate Primaries; Rudy v. Hillary: Getting Tighter
• Voters: Cut Spending, No Tax Hikes; No to Legislative Pay Raise

November 2007 - (Siena NY Polls)

• 2/3 of NYers Oppose Gov’s License Proposals – New & Old
• Spitzer Job Performance Is 2:1 Negative; Plurality View Him Unfavorably
• Nearly Half of Voters Prefer “Someone Else” Over Spitzer for 2010

September 2007 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Six in Ten NYers: Spitzer Should Be More Forthright
• More Than Two-thirds of NYers Say Spitzer Needs to Publicly Testify Under Oath on Everything He Knows About “Troopergate”
• Spitzer Leads Cuomo 47-24 in a 2010 Gubernatorial Primary

July 2007 - (Siena NY Polls)

• NYers Think Spitzer Knew What His Aides Were Up To
• Spitzer Still Popular, But Gets “C” Average on Enacting Agenda, Dealing with Legislature & Everything Changes on Day 1 Promise
• Cuomo’s Standing With Voters Jumps; Bruno & Silver Stay Low

June 2007 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Mayor Mike Runs Neck and Neck Against Spitzer in Race for Governor in 2010
• Hillary Maintains Primary and General Election Leads in NY
• Plurality of Voters Want Clinton to Be Next President and Think She Will Be; 61% Think Next President Will Be a Democrat

May 2007 - (Siena NY Polls)

• NYers Oppose Legislative Pay Raise; Support Death Penalty for Cop Killers; Nearly Evenly Divided on Gay Marriage
• Support for Public Campaign Finance Reform; Voters Think Spitzer Hurts Chances to Enact Reform Given His Fundraising
• Spitzer & Cuomo Job Performance Ratings Edge Up Slightly

April 2007 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spitzer’s Ratings Head Back Up
• Clinton’s Favorability, Primary & General Leads Fall
• New Yorkers Split on Good or Bad Budget; Two-thirds Believe Budget Shows that Albany Stays the Same

March 2007 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spitzer Support Slides; Still Strong
• On-time Budget Important – Good Budget More Important
• Hillary & Rudy Romp in NY Primaries;
• Clinton Strongest in General Election

February 2007 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Voters Favorable to Spitzer & Job He Is Doing
• NYers Agree with Spitzer on Comptroller Selection
• Hillary & Rudy Continue to Dominate NY Primary Fields

January 2007 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Hillary & Rudy Dominate Their Primary Fields in NY
• Spitzer Still Enjoys Honeymoon with NY Voters
• Voters Negative to Senate, Assembly, Bruno, & Silver; Prefer Divided Legislature as Opposed to One Party Control


August 2006 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spitzer Expands Lead Over Faso to 53 Points;
• Beats Faso by 11 Points Among Republicans
• AG Race Tightens – Cuomo Lead Down to 15 Points; Green Would Beat Pirro by Four Points
• Giuliani & McCain Beat Clinton & Gore in NYS ’08 Match-ups

June 2006 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spitzer Beats Faso by 46 Points; Wins with Reps
• Clinton Continues 26 Point Lead Over Spencer; Hevesi & Cuomo Strong Against Republican Opponents
• Nearly ¾ of NYers Think New Gov Will Make NY Better

May 2006 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spitzer Expands Huge Lead Over Republicans
• Clinton Leads Spencer By 25 Points & McFarland by 28
• Pataki Popularity Tanks in Wake of State Budget Action

April 2006 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Dems: Spitzer in a Landslide; Cuomo Leads Green for AG
• Spitzer Maintains 60 Point Lead Over Suozzi
• Reps: 60% of Voters Have Not Decided for Gov or Senate
• Faso & McFarland Have Small Leads Over Weld & Spencer

March 2006 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spitzer Still Crushes All Republican Opponents
• Clinton Continues to Lead Spencer By 25 Points
• NYers Won’t Vote For Clinton or Pataki For President
• In ’08 – Would, However, Prefer Hillary to George

January 2006 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spitzer and Clinton Remain in Solid Positions
• Golisano Is Strongest Republican; Suozzi Stronger Than Weld
• Cuomo Has Early Lead Over Pirro in Race for Attorney General


December 2005 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spitzer Overwhelming Choice of Democrats for Governor
• Cuomo Has Big Lead for Democratic AG Nomination
• Only 1 of 5 Democrats Has Choice for Lt. Governor

November 2005 - (Siena NY Polls)

• At the Start of the 2006 Election Cycle, Spitzer and Clinton Are in Strong Positions Against All Republicans
• 21 Percent of NYers Volunteer That Spitzer Would Be “Best Person” As Next Governor; Rudy Was Second, At 15%

October 2005 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spitzer Continues to Romp Over All Republicans; Clinton Continues 2:1 Lead Over Likely Challengers
• Hillary Would Lose NY in Race for President vs. Rudy; She Easily Beats Pataki for President in New York

September 2005 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Two-thirds of NYers: Hillary Should Commit to Serve 6 Years; However, More than 70 Percent Say It Will Not Effect their Vote
• Nearly Two-thirds of Voters Think Hillary Plans to Run for President
• Clinton & Spitzer Maintain Strong Leads in All Potential Match-ups

July 2005 - (Siena NY Polls)

• At 52%, Pataki Enjoys His Highest Favorable Rating of the Year Schumer (70%), Spitzer (62%), Clinton (60%) Top of Class w/Voters
• Governor & Legislature Get Barely Passing Grades in 2005; “Not Funding West Side Stadium” was Session’s Single Best Achievement; On-time Budget was Close Second

June 2005 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spitzer Continues to Lead Pataki & Other Republicans
• Hillary Maintains 2:1 Lead Over Pirro & Cox
• NYers Want Bottle Bill Expanded; 76% Support Legalizing Marijuana for Medical Purposes

May 2005 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spitzer Cruises Past Pataki, Daniels, Weld
• Hillary 2:1 Over Weld, Pirro
• More NYers Would Cut Property Tax Over Any Other Tax

April 2005 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Majority of NYers Say They Have A Health Care Proxy
• Gov’s Favorability Rebounds; Still Loses to Spitzer
• Giuliani Beats Spitzer; Loses to Hillary

March 2005 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Death Penalty: NY Split; Favor Life Without Parole
• Hillary: Run for Senate, Not for President
• Governor’s Popularity & Support Continue to Slide
• NYers Like Their Legislators; Split on Senate; 2:1 Unfavorable Toward Assembly

February 2005 - (Siena NY Polls)

• Spitzer Beats Pataki; Loses to Giuliani
• Hillary Crushes Pataki and Beats Rudy
• Democratic A.G. Candidates Unknown