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Future Leaders in Student Affairs

The Future Leaders in Student Affairs program is a series of workshops to help students learn about the field of student affairs and higher education as a possible career path.  Students who are interested in pursuing a career in student affairs will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the field, engage in case study exercises, discuss career and graduate school options, and hear from experts in the field about a wide range of issues.

Many professionals in the field of Student Affairs had a mentor during their education that helped to motivate them and educate them on what it means to be a Student Affairs professional. FLSA will give students in the Siena community the opportunity to learn about careers in Student Affairs through one-on-one interactions with professionals at Siena College and group interactions with their own peers. We want participants to get excited about working with students, educate them about the field, explore their own goals and options, and make plans to work toward those goals. The mentorship can take many different shapes depending on the needs of each individual student but in general we want them to become better prepared for life in Student Affairs and identify the steps that it takes to get there. We swill strive to make the students in our community more competitive for graduate school programs and introductory positions in the field.

If you have questions about the program contact the Office of Community Living at 518-783-2919 or

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If you have questions about the field of Higher Education and Student Affairs, please feel free to utilize any of the following:

FLSA Resources - Links to web pages for higher education news, job posting searches, and graduate program databases.