Office of Community Living

Work Study Job Opportunities

Community Living hires student workers with Work Study money as part of their financial aid package!


If you are looking for a fun employment opportunity to use your work study grant, please consider applying for a work-study position in the Office of Community Living.  Each year, every Residence Director will hire student workers to help out in the hall offices (Hennepin, Hines, Padua, Plassmann, Ryan, Snyder, Townhouses, and our main office in SSU 318).

Check CareerSaint for available positions.

Work study employees are key members of the Community Living team as they are often the people that students will first interact with when stopping by or calling the hall offices.  Work study employees working in Community Living have the unique opportunity to gain valuable communication and networking skills by engaging with fellow students as well as faculty and staff members, learn leadership skills to help your fellow students identify the necessary resources to assist them when they have questions or concerns, and learn to work as a member of an energetic team of student employees.

Some of the opportunities available for our work-study students include:

  • Writing for your residence hall’s newspaper
  • Gaining new technology skills by creating advertisements and public relations materials for the residence halls and Office of Community Living
  • Assisting with various office projects and tasks, including answering phones, responding to student questions and concerns, filing and clerical work, and other responsibilities.

If you are interested in joining our staff, or have any questions about the work study positions available in the Office of Community Living, then please e-mail the Office of Community Living at to express your interest and discuss next steps in the hiring process.  In your initial e-mail, please be sure to include your full name, residence hall that you will be living in for the 2015-2016 academic year, and amount of your Work Study Aid package.


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