Women's Studies at Siena


Scholarship on women and gender roles and contributions

Minor offered


In college and in life, women play important roles at every level. Understanding the social, intellectual and political forces that shape the lives of men and women and that aid students in challenging sexism and other oppressions requires an interdisciplinary approach.
The Women’s Studies Program includes courses from a variety of disciplines and departments:
  • Classics and history provide perspective on past roles
  • Literature explores how women have been portrayed and the viewpoints of women writers
  • Philosophy investigates the feminine idea expressed in thought and the concepts of self, morality, identity and beauty
  • Political science explores the role of women in society and governmental institutions
  • Religious studies discusses women and men in institutional forms
  • Social science introduces students to the theoretical and research methodologies of the study of sex and gender
Special topics of study on particular themes are offered each year, and there is a required capstone seminar focusing on faminst theory.
Students prepare for a variety of careers by gaining insight on gender issues and developing the skills of critical thinking, research and oral and written comminication.