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Siena is now providing a limited wireless internet connection on campus (red and blue areas on map below).


Wireless Map

Larger PDF Image


The connection is Internet only.  However, you can access e-mail, files (using VMware View), or any location on the Siena Website (including Blackboard) via this Internet connection.  Be warned: there is no data encryption on this connection; therefore, your data is not secure. The College is providing access only to the Internet and does not take any responsibility for any personal information that may be intercepted by a third party through this connection.

  • SienaAir is  the SSID. Your wireless computer should be able to access without entering a login.
  • ITS only supports access using Windows XP, Vista, or Mac OS X.  Other operating systems may connect, but we cannot provide instructions or support.
  • The network supports both 802.11b and standard 802.11g wireless cards. SuperSpeed 802.11g cards will work if they are backward compatible to standard 802.11g.

To Connect using Windows XP

  1. Start up your computer.
  2. Once it is fully started, a yellow balloon will appear above the system tray (near the clock) indicating a wireless network is available.  Click on the network icon that the balloon points to.
  3. A window will display.  Put a check box beside "Allow me to connect to the selected wireless network, even though it is not secure."
  4. Click on "Connect."
  5. Open Internet Explorer.  You should now be connected to the Internet.

Once connected, you can usually connect each time without repeating the process.  However, if you have problems connecting, follow these steps again.

To Connect using Macintosh OS X

  1. Click on the AirPort icon on the title bar (the one that looks like a slice of pie).
  2. If AirPort is off, turn it on.
  3. You should see "SienaAir" listed.  Click on it.
  4. Open Internet Explorer.  You should now be connected to the Internet.

You will have to repeat the procedure each time you use the network.